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We’re all be guilty of putting ourselves down or brushing off compliments as if they’re disingenuous. Here are Green Angel we want you to feel beautiful inside and out. Accept those compliments. Treat yourself. Indulge in your skincare and body care. And do so unapologetically. After all, if you don’t do it for yourself, who will?

Our bodies are amazing, intricate and all different – a fact that is often forgotten. We all have stretchmarks, scars, bits we love, bits we hate. In a world in which body-shaming is all too common and when the average ‘plus-size’ model is a size UK12 how do we begin to compare ourselves?! It’s a rare day we don’t see a story on our social media with the tagline targeted at someone’s weight or clothing size. He’s too big, she’s too little – it’s impossible to win in the eyes of social media. But, in our book, if you are happy you are the winner.

Body shaming is something that we grow up with and we become accustomed to without even realising. What does this teach our children – or even ourselves? Our bodies are constantly changing, you won’t be the same weight tomorrow as you were this evening and your mood and attitude may also be different. What we have to learn is to be confident in what we’ve got and to celebrate our bodies and our differences rather than pointing them out or beating ourselves up because we don’t look like every Instagram model out there and possibly never will – photoshop is only in pictures remember! They still have the same marks, lumps and bumps as everyone else even thought we often forget it.

Recently, over lockdown especially everyone’s body changed, we experienced different emotions, stresses and worries that we had never anticipated. Some of us gained weight, some of us lost weight. Both we are okay. In an uncertain world, we can’t beat ourselves for having that sixth biscuit with our evening tea! Everybody is beautiful, everybody fluctuates, everybody is too concerned with themselves to even notice that patchy tan on your ankles or that stretch-mark on your thigh, I promise you!

With September being Self Improvement Month, we should try to better ourselves – more confident, better body image and more general overall positivity are all on the cards. Here are some suggestions to get you on track to the best beautiful self you can be both inside AND out…

  • List aloud 3 things you like about your body/personality every morning
  • Allow yourself to be selfish – buy that thing you’ve wanted for months
  • Wear that skirt you love but won’t wear because you don’t think it will suit you
  • Accept and thank the next compliment you get. Don’t brush it off.
  • Take time for yourself. Take an hour out of your day for you; have a bath, do your makeup, watch some TV, whatever works for you.

And above all, believe that you are beautiful – you’re a Green Angel customer, how could you not be?!

Some Everyday Self-Care

  • Have a long luxurious shower every evening using our Shower Gel scented with calming lavender and neroli
  • Treat your eyes to our Aloe Eye Gel straight from the fridge in the morning
  • Scrub away your worries with our Sunrise Magic Body Smoother once per week
  • Take those extra 5 minutes after your shower to nourish your skin with our Body Cream

Whatever it is, take time for yourself every day and remember you deserve it!


  • July 1, 2021

    Cynthia Gullion

    Dear Green Angel Thank you for all the positive thoughts and good skin care suggestions I enjoy your products and website. Thanks Cynthia


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