Green Angel is Going Greener

Here at Green Angel, we are consistently looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We truly believe that our small changes add up and can make a real difference. Here are just some of our latest green initiatives;

Green Angel switched to Organic Ingredients

Switching to Organic Ingredients

Green Angel have switched to use organic ingredients where possible. Choosing organic ingredients is looking after the environment, the animals and YOU! Organic ingredients often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts. According to the Rodale Institution, conventional farming also emits 40% more

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Green Angel Hand Lotion Bottle Made from PCR plastic

Our newest additions to our plastic bottles are PCR. Our other plastic bottles are made from the easiest recycled plastic available.
The inclusion of natural ingredients in our products is of utmost importance along with the use of natural packaging where ever possible.

Green Angel Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean Up

We decided to take up another initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint. This initiative involved us, Chris and Mary, some of our employees and our Little Helper Simba to go to the beach to help pick up the rubbish. We want to first congratulate Bray town on the overall brilliant keep of their beach. It is clear that bray work hard to maintain such a fantastic beach. One thing that we noticed was the amount of smaller plastics (called micro-plastics) which is actually more dangerous to the wildlife and environment than larger plastics- according to the National Ocean Service smaller plastics can be commonly consumed by birds and aqua life.
You can get involved in your local tidy towns or some of your local clean up groups. ** We used Compostable bags to pick up this rubbish** 

Comment below with some of your green tips! We would love to hear some of your great initiatives.

Some of the rubbish Green Angel picked up at Bray beach.