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As you may know, Green Angel has rebranded. Not only do our products look more chic and luxurious, Green Angel now pride ourselves on using organic ingredients! We continuously search globally, for the amazing organic ingredients that we put into our products which is something that we are so passionate about! We really can talk about our ingredients forever- and keep going after that! Here’s just a taste of some of Green Angel’s super ingredients. If there is any other ingredient that we use that you would love to hear the wonderful benefits of, please comment below and we will answer any of your questions!

But first, why switch to organic ingredients?

Well, simply, organic is better.

Organic farms do not use unnecessary chemicals to grow their produce. The fewer chemicals that you put into your body, the better. According to the Rodale Institude, Conventional farming also emits 40% more greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing organic ingredients is looking after the environment, the animals and YOU! It should be noted that natural ingredients, like seaweed, for example, are dependent on where and how they grow. The vitamins and minerals that they contain can vary because of this. This makes organic farming even more essential. Take pride knowing that you are actively choosing a range that cares where their ingredients come from and what they do to you.

Now that we understand that organic ingredients are super important- let’s start focusing on our super ingredients and their benefits.

Let’s begin with seaweed

Green Angel adore the super ingredient Seaweed- thats why it is present in every. single. one. of our skincare and hair care products.

The practice of Thalassotherapy (seaweed therapy) and the benefits of seaweed have been known for centuries, by eating it, bathing in it or putting it on our skin- it is a known fact that Seaweed can help to give you fantastic results.

But why? Seaweed contains a bundle of vitamins- vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E just to name a few. It also contains a variety of minerals; Iodine, magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, and zinc.

We use hand-harvested organic seaweed which is sourced off the West Coast of Ireland. Green Angel uses 4 species of seaweed in every product. Each species of seaweed is packed full of different vitamins and minerals assuring Green Angel’s products are bursting with goodness. Seaweed is super absorbent, it soaks up all the nutrients from the water that it is harvested in- making the process and our organic farming crucial to assure excellent quality products. the four species of seaweed are:

Knotted wrack,
Toothed Wrack

Then our other super ingredients are our essential oils.

We really do mean this when we say Green Angel continuously to search globally to find organic, wild harvested essential oils. Different oils are best grown in certain parts of the world. The Green Angel range contains dozens of essential oils- each product having their own blend of essential oils to give them their different qualities. Our super oils include; Lavendar, Mandarin, Neroli, Grapefuit, Lemon, Orange, Juniper and many, many more.

Similar to Seaweed, the ancient practice of aromatherapy is a practice used for centuries! Meaning that the unique benefits of the super oils are no secret.  The practice has been used in a range of different cultures to achieve youthful and silky skin.

Argan oil is just one of these super oils. It is made of 80% fatty acids, vitamins A, E and K and retinol. This powerful oil helps to reverse the physical signs of agng, by helping to reduce fie lines, wrinkles and helps to tone and smooth skin- Perfect for helping reduce cellulite

Another one of Green Angel’s super ingredients is Sea Lavender. Sea Lavender is an everlasting deep blue plant found off the Mediterranean Seaside. It contains countless anti-aging benefit. The decline of Collagen in the skin leads to the visual signs of aging. Research has shown that Sea Lavender is able to boost collagen levels in the skin and protect against collagen degradation. Sea Lavender stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid. Sea Lavender is found in a range of Green Angel’s products adding to the already amazing list of powerful ingredients.

Don’t forget to ask about any other benefits of our ingredients below!


  • February 27, 2019

    Pauline o Sullivan

    I purcarced your night cream when I was in Kerry this February I am very pleased with it .
    Would like to try your day cream as it was out of stock at that time ..


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