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It’s not just our homes that can often need a spring clean, but also our skincare routines. 

As the seasons change, so too does our skin. After months of going from dry indoor heating to the freezing outdoors, our skin can need some TLC. With the weather now brightening up, that’s exactly what we want our complexion to do. By using lighter products and perhaps introducing some new products to spring clean our routine too. 

More time at home, there couldn’t be a better time to do some research and find the best products for you. Also, with mask-wearing not going away anytime soon, our skin could absolutely use something new to keep it in the best condition possible, as the hotter weather and masks means we are going to sweat more than usual. 

Here’s how to transforming your dull winter skin with a few simple steps and changes to your skincare routine.

Spring Clean Your Skin Routine

#1. Switching your Moisturiser

Winter skin tends to be more dehydrated due to the lack of moisture in the air, as well as dry indoor heating. The opposite is true for spring time. There is more moisture in the air and our skin will sweat more when outdoors. Especially now with mask-wearing, heavy products won’t allow your skin to breath as much and you may notice your skin becomes ‘oilier’. 

However, this doesn’t mean you now have an oily skin type, it just means your skin is sweating more than usual and it’s time to switch your moisturiser for something a little lighter and less rich. This should help to combat the oily and sticky feeling we get during the summer months.

Green Angel Daily Moisturiser is the perfect cream to switch to here as it is light, yet still packed with moisture. It contains vitamin E too which will help to protect your skin from environmental aggressors which can cause premature aging. 

#2. Higher SPF

We should be wearing sun protection 365 days per year. However, as the sun gets stronger and the days get longer our skin is more exposed to damaging UVA and UVB rays than in the winter time. 

This means we need a stronger SPF and a reapplication throughout the day, especially if we are in direct sunlight. Remember that these rays can also penetrate glass so even if you’re working indoors, you still need to apply your SPF in the mornings. There are any number of different SPF options on the market, it is just about finding the right one for you depending on your skin type and personal preference. 

SPF should be the last step in your skincare routine before primer or foundation if you are wearing makeup. 

#3. Clean Out Any Products Over Six Months Old

Most products have a shelf life of six months once opened. If you look at the back of your product it will tell you. 

When you’re doing the rest of your spring cleaning, include your beauty shelf too. Old products have collected bacteria over time and their formulas may have expired. This is not something you want to put onto your skin as it can lead to irritation and breakouts. And by making this extra space, you can buy some new things to try.

When clearing these out dispose of them properly too. Empty out jars and recycle them if possible or even better, repurpose those beautiful jars. 

#4. Lighter Make-Up 

Spring and summer skin trends are all about natural, glowing skin again for 2021 and our skin couldn’t be happier.

By focusing on your skincare, you will notice a massive change (for the better) in your makeup and you’ll also notice you put less on. During winter, we can be prone to putting on more because of the dull weather. This soon becomes a nightmare for your skin, especially if you’re not removing it properly at night time, or worse, sleeping in it.

If you are going to wear full makeup every day, make sure you are double cleansing at night to remove all of it. This will help to prevent breakouts and a build-up in pores. 

#5. Exfoliate At Least Once a Week

Say goodbye to dull, winter skin. Exfoliating the skin reveals a new fresh layer of skin cells, we recommend exfoliating once or twice a week depending on your individual needs. This brightens the complexion and leaves the skin glowing.

By removing the dead skin cells, it also means the skin is better able to absorb your products as there’s no barrier in the way, making all your products that bit more effective.

Our Seaweed and Apricot facial scrub contains micronised olive stones that will help to gently remove dead skin cells, while also adding moisture to the skin.

We want to hear from you. Spill your skin spring cleaning secrets with us on Instagram or Facebook.


  • May 1, 2021

    ann jennifer tuxworth

    Interesting read. Makes you feel summer is round the corner


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