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Just like in human relationships, some products are meant to be together. Like you and your partner, your skincare should complement each other, working together rather than separately. Here are 3 of our Green Angel Perfect Pairings

Body lotion & Argan Oil

Body Lotion is beautiful on it’s own but have you ever felt your skin wanting more. This happens especially during cold spells when skin is drier than usual. An oil can really complement this as it creates a seal over the skin to help lock in that all important moisture. 

Oils penetrate the top layer of skin, getting to those all important layers that your moisturiser doesn’t always reach. To really treat your skin, oil first and then lotion or moisturiser. Massage both in to get the blood flowing through your skin. This will also help to plump the skin. 

Day Cream & Night Cream

No, day cream and night cream are not the same! Of course the same cream can be used day and night but you may be missing out on some benefits. Day cream helps to moisturise and protect the skin from environmental aggressors during the day. Night cream is traditionally more repairing as it helps to heal skin overnight when the body is resting. 

Green Angel day cream contains 100% natural vitamin E which helps to protect harmful environmental aggressors which will help to maintain a youthful look. Green Angel Night Cream is uniquely formulated to help maximise the skin’s natural repair system and help rejuvenate the skin throughout the night. The combination of six organic essential oils, organic seaweeds and their organic root and flower extract all work in harmony with your body’s natural repair system by increasing blood flow to the skin tissue.

Sunset Body Smoother & Body Cream

What better way to get silky smooth skin than by exfoliating away dead skin cells and then moisturising with a rich cream to nourish the skin. The perfect skin prep for shaving, tanning or even just to have that beautiful feel.

Exfoliate damp skin with the body smoother in gentle circular motions towards the heart to help remove any dead or dried skin cells to reveal softer newer skin cells. Rinse off.

Then moisturise damp clean skin with Green Angel Body Cream which contains vitamin E, chamomile and lavender to help nourish and soothe the freshly exfoliated skin. Massage into the skin to increase circulation and blood flow to help keep skin healthy and glowing.

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