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New Year

New Year is often time for resolutions, new outlooks and (often soon forgotten) gym memberships. This year however, we have come through some of the toughest months that our society has faced in history so go easy on yourself…

Here at Green Angel our good intentions are soon forgotten when we see the sweets on our staffroom table at lunch. That’s why this year, we’re sticking to small more manageable mini-resolutions. We admire the ‘New Year, New Me’ people, and in truth we all wish we could be you but this year we’re not beating ourselves up and taking a more ‘New Year, Same Me…with alterations’’ approach. Body and mind are more important this January than ever before. Here are our mini resolutions:

Drinking water 

We often underestimate the importance of drinking water throughout the day. It helps with both our physical and mental motivation and may help to reduce headaches. It can also help the skin by keeping it healthy and hydrated.

One of our mini goals this year is to drink the recommended 2L per day, or as close to it as we can manage!  

15 minutes mindfulness 

This one can come in many forms – meditation, a walk, a cup of tea on the couch, your nighttime routine and much more. Anything that gives you some time alone to think and breath. Practising some mindfulness especially at the moment can be very beneficial for our mind and bodies. Many studies have reported a reduction in stress, in pain, in negative thoughts after only a short amount of time practising mindfulness.

Skincare can help you to practise mindfulness too. Green Angel moisturisers contain essential oils which act as a form of aromatherapy. Step your way through your cleanse, tone and moisturise taking your time. There are many online tutorials for a pampering facial massage or even a body massage that not only will help increase blood flow in the skin but will also relax and unwind you from the daily stresses. 

If 15 minutes seems too much to start, begin with 5 and build up to whatever time suits you, start small and grow. 

Seaweed Body Cream
Seaweed Body Cream with Vitamin E, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
Green Angel Lime and Lemongrass Diffuser - 100 ml
Green Angel Lime and Lemongrass Diffuser – 100 ml

Double Cleansing 

The big thing in skincare! Double cleansing ensures that you remove all makeup and oils from the skin to begin with and then you really clean the skin itself, helping to nourish and deeply cleanse the skin itself. 

Our Cleansing lotion is a creamy formula  containing cucumber and sage which are great antioxidents and contain vitamins A, C. This cleanser can be used twice. A double cleanse doesn’t necessarily mean you need two seperate cleansers. 

A small but important habit that will have us glowing into the summer!

Green Angel Seaweed Cleansing Lotion With Cucumber & Sage Extracts
Green Angel Seaweed Cleansing Lotion With Cucumber & Sage Extracts

Being Kind

A good deed a day! This can be something small like helping a friend or neighbour. It could even be a small word of encouragement or ‘How are you today?’. It doesn’t have to be monumental but you’ll feel all the better for it. We all need a lift at the moment in current circumstances so begin by lifting someone else. 

Don’t forget to also be kind to yourself at these times. So what if you didn’t work out today? You can do it tomorrow. Similarly, if you only manage 3/4 of your mini resolutions, at least you did some of them.


It seems a silly one but we do often get caught up in something and forget to breathe. We’re vowing to not let anything get on top of us this year. When we feel stressed or overwhelmed we’re going to step back and simply breathe, even count to 10 if you feel like it will help. Focusing on in through the nose, and out through the mouth and try to clear your mind.

Ylang Ylang Soy Candle

If you find yourself struggling with stress or feeling overwhelmed by the news, everything that is going on around you take a moment out. Light a candle or set out a diffuser and sit and remind yourself of the positives, call a friend, have 5 minutes of quiet. Green Angel candles and diffusers contain essential oils which have aroma-therapeutic properties and will aid in de-stressing you. 

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