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Home Spa

Spa from the comfort of your own home! What better way to get your spa needs at the moment than at home? And better yet, you can wear pyjamas to this spa. Although you may not get the full perks of a trip to the spa, like ultimate peace and quiet, there’s no harm in trying. This is how Green Angel prepare a spa day:

It’s all about the massage and really working the product into the skin with your hands and fingers. Massage helps to increase blood flow and circulation in the skin which will help to promote a healthy glow and also to deliver moisture and nourishment which can lead to more supple and softer skin over time. Studies have shown that massages can also help to reduce and speed up recovery from scarring. It can even help to reduce the signs of aging by relaxing muscles and keeping blood flow healthy through the skin.

Begin at the top and work your way down…

Seaweed & 6 Essential Oil Night Cream

Apply a generous amount of Green Angel night cream to the skin and massage in, moving with the angles and contours of the face in upward and circular motions. don’t forget your neck too! Use fingers to massage out any forehead tensions that have accumulated throughout the day. You can find many tutorials for this online or just go in whatever way feels natural and good on your skin – it’s your massage after all!

Green Angel Seaweed Night Cream
Green Angel Seaweed Night Cream

Seaweed & Argan Oil

The best time to begin your massage routine is straight out of the shower. Skin is still damp and will absorb product easily. To get that touch of luxury and indulgence use Green Angel Seaweed and Argan Oil. Massage the oil in from the toes up to the neck using circular motions towards the heart and taking your time. You can also use a small amount on the face but do patch test 24hrs prior to use as the face tends to be more delicate than the rest of the body.

Oils are extremely beneficial for the skin, locking in extra moisture and nourishment to skin. They have also shown to help in reducing scarring. This is the perfect massage companion and will leave you feeling renewed after your at home spa day!

Green Angel Argan Body Oil
Green Angel Argan Body Oi

Seaweed, Neroli & Chamomile Body Lotion

After the argan oil has been absorbed, a body lotion can then be applied if you would like an extra layer of moisture. This body lotion is packed full of active ingredients which are highly beneficial in caring for and moisturising the skin. They also help in stimulating the body’s Collagen production which will help to plump the skin. 

Massage this into the skin in circular motions towards the heart, working your way up from your ankles to the base of your neck. As this is a light lotion it will absorb in quickly. This is especially good if you want to moisturise and get dressed straight away without that sticky feeling.

Green Angel Seaweed Cleansing Lotion With Cucumber & Sage Extracts
Green Angel Seaweed Cleansing Lotion With Cucumber & Sage Extracts

Seaweed, Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Cream

Tea tree essential oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain healthy looking feet, while peppermint oil is cooling and refreshing on the skin. 

The nourishing and moisturising properties of seaweed will help to soften the skin

Massage the feet all over, working in circular motions on your soles and around your toes and top of the feet. Perfect after a long day or a long walk.

Green Angel Seaweed & Peppermint Foot Cream
Green Angel Seaweed & Peppermint Foot Cream


  • January 24, 2021

    Linda Butler

    How much for all 4 spa treatments please?
    Thank you.


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