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While our beauty salons are closed or if you just want a night in to yourself, a great at-home facial routine is a must.

We think the perfect facial is different for everyone at Green Angel. Whether you want 5 minutes or 50 minutes, before or after a shower, in the morning or the evening. Everyone has their preferences so remember this is all about you. Pick and choose your steps perhaps. Remember though, do not over exfoliate your skin. 1-2 times per week is plenty. We do not want to damage our skin while we are trying to help it.

Follow our seven steps below for our ultimate facial routine;

How to Build a Great Home Facial Routine

#1 Relax

The most important step here. Relax. Have a long shower, light some candles, put on clean pyjamas or clothes, whatever makes you comfortable and means that you can have a great at-home-facial

#2 Double Cleanse

Cleansing the skin helps to melt away makeup and clean the skin. Cleansing a second time then helps to clean the skin itself, helping to remove sweat and dirt that may have collected in the pores or even any makeup that was missed in the first cleanse.

Our cleansing lotion is a milky formula and suitable for all skin types. It is full of antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C which are great for the skin. It is also an effective makeup remover and can be used for both of your cleanses.

#3 Facial Exfoliation

Cleansing the skin has now made it more supple and has also helped to remove any dirt from the skin. Exfoliating now helps to remove any dead skin cells from the skin, as well as helping to reduce clogged pores. Remember, don’t exfoliate for too long or too hard as this can damage the skin. Use small circular motions instead. 

Our gentle and hydrating exfoliator contains micronised olive stones which will help to effectively rid the skin of dead skin cells, unclog pores and can brighten complexion. The apricot oils help to moisturise the skin as you exfoliate which can help reduce dry patches. 

#4 Tone

Toning will help to restore the skin’s natural pH after cleansing and exfoliating. It also helps to prep the skin for the next products that you layer on top.

Green Angel Seaweed toner is a refreshing spritz to prep and hydrate the skin before moisturisers. This toner can be used throughout the day or over makeup when you need a quick refresh, even after your entire skincare routine or facial! 

#5 Serum

If you use a serum in your skincare routine now is the time to use it. A serum is a concentration of the same ingredients that you may find in your skincare products and can be incredibly good for your skin, achieving different results with different ingredients, just as with other products.

#6 Eye gel 

Pat, don’t rub! The cardinal rule of eye care is to not drag or pull the delicate undereye area. Apply a small amount of eye cream or gel using your ring fingers and gently tap from the inner corner outwards until the product has been patted in fully..

#7 Moisturise 

The last step of our routine is moisturiser but you can follow this up with an oil if you are using a jade roller or a gua-sha afterwards for some facial massage and stimulation. Work your moisturiser into the skin in circular motions, perhaps incorporating some massage and upward strokes into this also.

Collagen cream, night cream, daily cream, any of our creams are suitable for this step and it’s completely up to you. Collagen cream and night cream are thicker and richer cream whereas the daily cream is a lighter formula.

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