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Our hands have been through a lot this year, all the extra hand washing and hand sanitising they have been subject to a lot. And oftentimes we forget about our hands until they are crying out for moisture and hydration. But what is it that you need – a hand cream or a hand lotion? They’re both a blend of oils and water so what is the difference, we explain below.

Hand Lotion

Lotion has a higher percentage of water than oil – therefore droplets of oil mixed in water.

As it is water based lotion is generally thinner and more liquid than a cream. Usually stored in a pump bottle. As they are thinner, lotions are great for those who want to moisturise and go, they soak in quickly and easily to the skin and generally don’t leave a greasy residue.

Green Angel Hand Lotion contains Lavender, Neroli and Manderin to help calm and nourish the skin. Also containing Seaweed this lotion is full of hydrating properties to help soften and moisturise the skin. This lightweight lotion absorbs into the skin quickly leaving no oily residue on the hands.  

They work best for those with normal to slightly dry skin. 

TOP TIP: Keep a bottle of hand lotion next to your hand wash or soap as a reminder to use it.

Seaweed Hand Lotion

Hand Cream

Creams are droplets of water mixed in oil, therefore a thicker and richer feel. They tend to have a more solid consistency and therefore are usually kept in jars or tubs. 

As creams have a higher percentage of oil they penetrate deeper into the skin and are therefore best used by those suffering with dry to very dry skin

Green Angel Hand Cream is a beautiful rich formula containing 100% vitamin E oil to help create a glove around the hand to protect from environmental aggressors and free radicals on the derma layer. This cream also help to soften and heal cracked cuticles and strengthen nails

Body cream/lotions and face creams/lotions all have the same properties as above so before you purchase it is worth thinking about your needs and what you want from a produce. Do you want a light lotion or a thick cream? Or maybe you want both for different parts of your body, the choice is yours. Happy moisturising!

Green Angel Seaweed Hand Cream with Vitamin E & Neroli
Green Angel Seaweed Hand Cream with Vitamin E & Neroli

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