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Hair Conditioner

As we are now wearing masks every day, how our hair looks has become much more important to us. Many of us have reduced our makeup routines, if not gone without wholly. Ladies and men alike are now focusing more on their luscious locks to help make them feel beautiful.

Green Angel Hair Conditioning Serum is packed full of goodness containing Sea Lavender helping to nourish, strengthen and helps to prevent static in the hair. While the precious Neroli and Lavender give it a luxurious and moisturising feel. 

This conditioning serum can be used on even the most damaged hair that has lost its shine due to over styling with heat, with years of highlighting or even just incorrect conditioning. It can also be used on extensions. Here’s some of our best tips to get the most from your Green Angel conditioning serum and help to achieve these luscious locks;

Seaweed Hair Conditioning Serum

Just the lengths

When we use heat on our hair it can dry it out. When we use a conditioner we help to restore moisture and nourish the hair. What we must remember however is to just put it onto the lengths of the hair, not the roots. Massage into the lengths to really work in the product. Putting conditioner on the roots it adds extra moisture that isn’t needed as the scalp produces its own oils. Too much moisture here can give a greasy look if not washed out properly from the root and can lead to hair needing to be washed more frequently which isn’t always what the hair needs. 

Only a dollop

The general rule of thumb is one or two – euro sized dollops of conditioner, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. Using too much is just wasting precious product. Using too much also means it’s harder to wash out. Left in conditioner can weigh down the strands and give a drab or dirty look to the hair – quite the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve.

Give it time

Putting conditioner on your hair to wash off immediately is counterproductive, it will use up your product and give you no results. Most conditioners recommend between 1-3mins to leave in and then rinse out. Maybe change up your shower or bath routine to accommodate this. Wash and condition your hair before the rest as this will leave time for the product to nourish your hair. Then when you finish the rest of your shower routine, wash out the conditioner.

If you can stand cold water, try washing it out with cold water. This helps to seal the hair follicles.

A weekly mask

A weekly hair mask can really benefit your hair, especially if you style it most days and only wash/condition every second day like many people. This can be a simple mask of simply your conditioner left in the ends for a longer period of time out of the shower. An alternative option can be an oil, such as Green Angel Seaweed & Argan Oil left in the hair overnight and washed out thoroughly in the morning. Oil is excellent for the hair. As we sleep the nutrients will be absorbed and as long as thoroughly washed out, you won’t leave oily residue.

Seaweed & Argan Body Oil

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