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The hairdressers are back, so what better time to invest in your hair care routine now that we no longer have 3 -inch roots?! Here are our top 10 tips for the hair of your dreams!

  1. Seaweed strengthens hair

Our Seaweed Shampoo is full of amino acids which help to enrich and fortify damaged hair by strengthening bonds. These proteins help to strengthen hair follicles which makes hair stronger and less prone to breakage through daily styling. Seaweed also has naturally occurring moisturising properties which will help keep hair smooth and soft for great conditioned hair.

2. Overnight conditioning

Our Seaweed Conditioning Serum helps to reverse the damage that chemical processing and styling can cause to our hair, leaving your hair soft and manageable. For very damaged hair why not put your conditioner in, wrap or tie your hair up and sleep with it in overnight – your own Green Angel hair mask!

3. Keep it cool – the water that is!

Who doesn’t love a hot shower after a long day? But our hair may be paying the price as very hot water can cause damage to the scalp and can also make hair more porous and brittle over time. The best precaution here is to keep water more on the warm side rather than hot-hot. This in conjunction with our conditioning serum will help ensure hair remains as damage free as possible.

4. Argan oil for dry or curly hair

Curly hair can naturally be drier than other hair types. So too can hair that is styled on the daily or has been bleached or dyed a lot. Argan oil is a great way to help add some shine back to your hair and to nourish the ends of it. It also helps hydrate and moisturise the ends of your hair.

5. Don’t over-wash your locks

Over-washing hair can strip it of its natural oils that keep both hair and scalp moisturised which can lead to dry or irritated scalp and hair. Try to only wash your hair every second day and your hair will reap the rewards.

6. Don’t fear the scissors

As much as we all hate to see our hair go, it’ll keep it healthier in the long run and stop those pesky split-ends from running any further up your lengths. A centimetre or two every couple of months will freshen up your trim and keep hair healthier. Use our Argan Oil between salon visits to help keep hair supple and moisturised to help reduce breakage too.

7. Avoid that super tight up-do

Your slick ponytail may look great but it’s damaging your hair. You may begin to notice breakage or ‘’baby-hairs’’ appearing where hair has snapped due to the pull on it from your slick up-do. Try loosening your ponytail and going for a down-style every so often to give your hair a rest from being pulled.

8. Don’t brush wet hair

When hair is wet it’s at its most vulnerable damage-wise, so it’s best to wait until it has air dried, at least partially, to brush it out, starting from the bottom up to detangle. There are also a number of hairbrushes on the market specifically designed to brush wet hair.

9. Towel-dry first

One of the worst things we can do to our hair is to begin trying to style it from wet. Towel dry your hair first by gently squeezing the water out of it and then roughly dry it so that it’s still a little bit damp. THEN, go it with your styling tools and roundbrush to give that perfect blow-out. This means you’ll be putting less stress on wet and tangled hair and maintain the condition you’ve tried so hard to keep.

10. Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are something we should all invest in. The smooth fabric means there is less friction caused on hair it as we sleep which helps to reduce tangles and frizzy hair. It will also help prolong your curls or blow dry because of the reduced friction. Why not try Mary O’Donnell Silk Pillowcases , exclusively available at Kilkenny Shop.


  • August 4, 2020

    Linda Cruise

    Can’t wait for my hair products to arrive..l moved house recently and whilst unpacking found the Green Angel hand and foot feet had a well deserved soak.. absolutely heavenly..then l found the your products Mary..n-eiri na bothair leat..


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