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How to Maintain Salon Fresh Hair

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Have you had your post-lockdown haircut? If you’re lucky enough to be sporting gorgeous fresh hair, you will want to keep it looking salon chic for as long as you can. Our five tips are here to help.

Our roots and split ends were so ready to be cut after a long five months, many of us styled interesting hair-dos, as we battle to tame our lockdown hair. Who knew we weren’t natural blondes?

Whether you had a cut, trim or colour, our five tips will help your hair stay salon smooth without the expense and hassle. After all, appointments are like gold dust at the moment, so who knows when you’ll be able to get another one?

Five Tips to Maintain Salon Fresh Hair

#1 Embrace Natural Oils

We won’t lie, we are all jealous of those who can get away with one wash per week. For us mere mortals, it will be more often.

However, natural oils play an important role in hair health. They nourish the scalp and prevent it from becoming dry and flaky. Natural oils also help in maintaining the suppleness and health of the follicles themselves. When we wash our hair, we want to cleanse them without stripping away natural oils completely.

If you have dry hair or you find it needs a boost, invest in a shampoo that aids natural oil production. Look for ingredients such as seaweed oil for extra hydration and nutrients.

#2 Overnight Treatments

Overnight treatments are a great way to bump up the hydration of your hair. Oils such as argan oil are ideal for reviving your hair’s shine. For those who don’t like that oily feeling, there are alternatives.

Every conditioner can be an overnight treatment rather than a quick two minutes in the shower while you wash your body.

By deeply conditioning the hair, you get all the benefits of the product; hydration, silkiness, and repair. All you have to do is run the product from the root, down the ends, and then cover the hair in a shower cap. Rinse out thoroughly in the morning.

Remember to wash your pillow too, you don’t want to clog your facial pores with conditioner.

#3 Protection is Key

Anyone else obsessed with their styling tools? Unfortunately, they can wreak havoc on our poor hair with frizzy, split ends but there are some steps you can take to help with this issue.

Help to repair by using a strengthening shampoo and conditioner when you wash it. The proteins in these products will help to rebuild and strengthen the hair. Add a hair protector serum to your routine to use while the hair is damp or before styling. This will help prevent heat damage.

Research has shown that allowing your hair to dry naturally once per week will help to prevent breakage and give our locks a rest.

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#4 Don’t Use a Towel

Did you know that a body towel’s fibers are too harsh for the strands and will cause it to ruffle and frizz at the root?

Be careful with what you use to wrap your hair in after bathing. Use a soft towel, microfiber cloth or a cotton t-shirt to wrap or gently squeeze out the water to dry the lengths. For the curly-haired among us, this is just like plopping your hair.

#5 Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

Our first instinct when we unwrap our hair is to run the brush through it. Our hair is at its most vulnerable when it is wet, leaving it prone to breakage. So what do we do when there are 10 minutes on the clock until we have to be on the road? Opt for a wide-tooth comb.

Start from the bottom and gently tease out any knots. This will help to brush out the hair without being too harsh or breaking strands. Then continue to dry or style as desired.

We all want salon-worthy, fresh hair every time we wash our hair and it is the small changes that will make all of the difference. Treat your hair well with these five easy, inexpensive tips. So, when you do eventually get back into the hairdressers’ chair, you’ll have strong and healthy hair to show off.

Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram if you try any of our tips or if you have any hair secrets too. Remember, you’ll feel your best when your hair looks its best too.


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