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Galentine’s: How to Achieve the Perfect Pamper Night

Forget finding a man this Valentine’s Day - go solo or just grab the gal pals, a bottle of bubbly, and your choice of Green Angel treats for a luxury spa experience.

Since Valentine’s falls on a Monday this year, ensure the weekend before you get in your Galentine’s night to leave you refreshed and feeling the love for the following week. Here are our top tips to execute the perfect pamper night.

How to Achieve the Perfect Pamper Night

Tip 1: Hit the Aeroplane Mode

Start your Galentine's Day the right way by taking your phones, popping them onto aeroplane mode and leaving them in a different room. Too often, we disturb our enjoyment with notifications or just mindlessly scrolling on social media out of habit. Try to aim to be present and in the moment with either your favourite book, movie or your gal pals.

Tip 2: Focus on the Wonders in Your Life

We lead fast-paced lives and it is easy to forget about the simple everyday wonders. This Galentine’s Day, if you are going solo while pampering yourself, put pen to paper and detail the little things in your life that you love.

You can also do this with the girls. You will need a few pieces of paper, write someone’s name at the top and pass them around. Everyone will write three things that they love about that person and then fold it over when they are finished and pass it to the next person. By the end, you are able to see why your friends are absolutely obsessed with you.

Tip 3: Fake It Until You Make It

No pamper night is complete without setting a tone that exudes relaxation. Invest in Candles, Diffusers or Room Sprays that contain essential oils. Whether they burn, are diffused or sprayed, they release fragrances that help to improve your mood and you can welcome your friends into a space that radiates relaxation.
















Do you use bathing or showering as a method to destress? Bring in a Body Smoother, and exfoliate your skin in circular motions. Using this method, you are increasing blood flow to the area and therefore, relaxing your muscles. Make sure you have your favourite podcast playing in the background to give you a good laugh to release any tension you may be holding onto.

Tip 4: Moisturise It Up

Who doesn’t love a solid skincare routine with some great gossip? Green Angel have luxurious face creams that are made to suit different skin types. From light and non-greasy, to deeply hydrating collagen-enriched creams, and a Rescue Cream with pure Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E to help treat blemishes, there is a cream for every skin type. Mix it up and let the girls try them out. Not only are you giving their skin high-quality ingredients to get that gorgeous glow, you are also supporting a local Irish brand.

Tip 5: Treat Your Toes

Who is guilty of neglecting their feet? Stuck in shoes all day and squeezed into sizes that are too small, our feet are one part of our body that needs to feel the love. Soak your feet in warm water, and add in bath salts to really relax the muscles. Once the skin is soft, gently use a foot file to remove any dead skin.

Dry the feet with a warm towel and finish with a foot cream. You will want to look for ingredients such as peppermint that will help to moisturise the feet and leave them with a fantastic fragrance.


Whether you are going solo or hanging out with friends, use these tips to put together the perfect pamper night to really show yourself or those you care about the love. From putting down the phone, to loving your skin and taking time out to destress. This Valentine’s Day, make it all about you.



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