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Five Expert Candle Care Tips

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We will admit, we are guilty of adding a candle (or two) to our grocery shop over lockdown, and we know we aren’t the only ones. Candles have become a therapeutic aid for many of us throughout the past 14 months.

Candles even became a symbol of togetherness with the #ShineYourLight campaign. The flickers of light paid tribute to coronavirus victims and frontline workers. However, as demand grew for candles and Covid interfered with supply chains, manufacturers are only now beginning to see a recovery in equipment shortages.

As our favourite candles return to retailer shelves, we spoke to expert Candle Makers, Julieanne and Richard Griffin about candle waxes, and proper candle care.

Five Expert Candle Care Tips

Not All Candle Wax is Made Equal

Did you know there are many types of waxes? Common choices include paraffin wax, palm wax, coconut wax, beeswax, and what has been hailed as one of the best; soy wax.

Each wax has their own unique benefits ranging from costs, burn time, and how they hold fragrance. Every candle maker has their own personal favourite or even a blend of two. Although in recent years, soy wax has exploded in popularity.

Their appeal is easy to understand, as is a 100% natural product derived from the soybean. It’s biodegradable and a renewable resource. When lit, it doesn’t produce soot or toxins and it holds a stronger scent, which reduces the chemicals used within the candle.

Richard and Julieanne’s advice is to ”pay for a good quality candle. It will last longer and you can trust that there are no harmful ingredients”.

If you’ve ever wondered about the price tag of a soy wax candle, it’s the quality you’re paying for. It may come as no surprise that soy wax is also a firm favourite with the candle making duo.

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Make the Most of Your Candles with These Five Tips

#1. Let the Candle Pool

When you first light your candle, you should allow the top layer of wax to melt completely until the wax pool reaches around the jar. Julieanne explains why this step is so crucial; “This will prevent [your candle] tunnelling which will waste a lot of wax on the sides of the jar. Be patient, light your candle when you have time to enjoy it. After the first burn, you shouldn’t have to light [your] candle as long. ”

#2. Trim the Wick

Before each use, trim the wick to one centimeter to prevent “mushrooming”.

A flickering flame may be nice to look at, but it is a dangerous hobby. Maintain a short wick to “keep the flame low and safe when burning”. You don’t need any special equipment for this either, the kitchen scissors will do the trick here. Each time you go to light your candle, give the wick a quick cut.

#3. Sweat It Out

Everyone sweats, even candles. Don’t worry if you notice a little essential oil fragrance coming to the top of your candle when it is sitting there.

Richard advises to ”wipe off excess oil before burning.” “Sweating can occur quite often with soy candles. Soy wax is very easily affected with temperature changes due to its low melting point”, he added.

#4. Know Where Your Candle Is

Never leave a candle unattended is advice we often hear when it comes to candle safety. However, Richard added that you need to “avoid draughty areas” and don’t store a candle “in direct sunlight.”

If you light a candle, stay in the same room as it. Don’t leave a flame flickering in a breeze or near any flammable furnishings like your curtains. Instead, light it and leave it on a shelf a safe distance from anything else. Extinguish it before you leave the room and don’t doze off while it’s burning.

#5. The Golden Burn Rule

Richard and Julianne’s final tip is the Golden Burn Rule. After that first initial long burn, keep your candle lit for no longer than three hours at a time, irrespective of your candles’ size. The rule ensures good candle care and safety.

When you go to purchase or sit down to light a candle this weekend, keep these expert tips in mind. They will ensure you buy a high quality candle that will last longer if you implement their candle care tips, so you get the most from your money.

Need some candle inspiration? Take a look at our five soy wax candles here. Want to show your Green Angel candle off? Take a picture and tag us on Facebook and Instagram.


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