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Five Best TikTok Skincare Hacks

TikTok is a platform that has exploded over the last 18 months, with millions of videos ranging from life hacks, funny clips to storytelling. Skincare has erupted on it too, amassing 45.7B views.*

With so many opinions bouncing around, we have narrowed it down to five TikTok skincare hacks that caught our attention for their benefits, convenience and fun-factor.

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The Best TikTok Skincare Hacks

1. Jade rollers and Face Yog

Facial massage, jade rolling and gua-sha stones are all the rage on the video platform. Creators believe they help drain the lymphatic system, relax facial muscles and relieve tension.

If you don’t have one of these tools, using your hands is just as effective as using a jade or rose quartz roller. The main difference between your hands and a roller is temperature. Roller stones are naturally cold so it will give a cooling sensation to the skin when used.

This skincare hack is a must for your evening self-care time. Even if it doesn’t give you that supermodel sculpted look, you’ll certainly enjoy the meditative qualities. If you want to try out this skincare trend use your facial moisturiser or oil to work the skin and follow this TikTok.

2. Maximising your product’s potential

Do you want to get the most from your products? According to the Tiktok skincare experts, we should be applying our products to damp skin.

Whether this is after patting your freshly washed skin dry or after spritzing your face with toner, they believe damp skin is best for absorption. They also recommend waiting a couple of minutes between layers to allow the product to soak into the skin. Lucky for you, our moisturiser dries within seconds.

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3. The correct skincare steps

As we have learned, layering your products is important, but our next TikTok skincare hack is all about order. You will usually find their best application time on the back of a product box or on a brand’s website.

The general guidelines are the same however for AM and PM: cleanse, toner, serum, eye cream/gel, moisturiser, oils, and SPF. By having this routine, we make sure that all of our products are being utilised correctly and we are not wasting our time or money.

4. Icing your face

Our next TikTok skincare hack made the list because on a hot day, who doesn’t love a quick and easy way to cool your skin?

Creators claim cooling sensations can also help to reduce swelling and inflammation in the skin.

We aren’t surprised to see how popular icing your face is on the app, it’s inexpensive, fun and convenient.

5. Wash your pillowcases

Every night as we close our eyes, our pillow is absorbing hair oils, face products, sweat and dead skin cells.

Changing your pillowcases every couple of days can help to prevent blocked pores or irritated skin. It’s a simple hack, but it’s often overlooked.

Easy, quick and inexpensive, we love these five TikTok skincare hacks. Have you heard of any of these tips before? Or even better have you tried them?

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