New Year, New Skin ✨
Are you ready for a New Year Challenge?

New Year, New Skin ✨
Are you ready for a New Year Challenge?

Green Angel are inviting YOU to take part in #30DayGreenAngelChallenge.

Instead of the daunting Year commitments, Green Angel are asking our followers, consumers and friends to take part in a manageable 30 day challenge.

The challenge is to take care of your skin more -for 30 days. That simple. This can be just adding one extra step to your regime. Let it be to moisture day and night, exfoliate more or start your body care. Challenge yourself, your friends and family, to look after your skin for 30 days straight.

We want to create a community of skin-carers! Share that you are taking the #30DayGreenAngelChallenge in a post or a story. Put it out in the world to make sure you commit. Every day/week share your tips, tricks and what you find hard.

So here’s everything you need to know about our challenge;

Firstly, why 30 days?

                Not to start this off on a bad note but, according to the business insider, 80% of all New Year resolutions fail by the 2nd week of February. A year is along and daunting commitment. So, Green Angel thought to break this down into smaller, more attainable goals. If you commit to looking after your skin for 30 days and succeed in them 30 days- you are more likely to continue for the next 30 days, and the next. Like the motto ‘slow and steady wins the race!’

Why a challenge?            

                In the same report, Business Insider said that the critical factor in why 80% of people failed was because their resolution plan lacked an enjoyment factor.  A personal challenge, with a community to help you, gives you that enjoyment and push to make this year’s resolution a successful one.

What is the #30DayGreenAngelChallenge?

                The 30 day challenge is a commitment you make to yourself- and us- swearing you will commit to at least one extra step to look after your skin. Whatever the step is,just either email us or dm us on Instagram or Facebook to say you are taking the #30dayGreenAngelChallenge.

How to start the pledge?

1.Make the commitment!

Say you take the pledge. Putting it out there and telling someone will positively impact your commitment. Share it with us on your story and tag us,or post it on social media with us, or commit by emailing and dming us.

2. Set a goal!

Now that you are committed , make a personal goal. For the month of January,decide an achievable goal. You will take an extra simple step in your skincare routine to achieve that goal. This could be getting the basics right or applying a night cream or taking the time to exfoliate or looking after your body care or even just finally applying hand and foot cream. Whatever it is, we all have one simple task to do every day for 30 days to achieve that goal.

3. Get the products designed for your goal.

This is where our help is critical. We would like to help give people the information and direction that they need to understand what products they need to use to achieve their goals. The information will be given to you by us on your personal goals. We will also post them as blog posts on our website so you have access to all the information, any time. The information will be specifically for different goals- Basics 101, Body care guide, etc. Once you tell us your goal, we can point you in the right direction. Our own goal is to help as many people with their pledge as possible and have our customers full of skin care knowledge. Share it!

4. Share it

Share your journey with our journey! We will be posting stories, blogposts, feed posts and sharing your journey posts too! What did you find thathelped you? How are you getting on? Did you remember to take your step today?We hope to create a community where we can share our thoughts, concerns andquestions to help everybody. Ask the questions that you are wondering, seekinspiration or motivation. Let us all use each other to learn, to motivate andto encourage. Share your own personal tips and tricks. We want this pledge tobe successful; we want to do this pledge together.

5. Stick to it!

We have committed, we have our information and our challenge, we have our community.Now all you have to do is stick to it. Create a skincare to do list for the 30 days, tick off what you have achieved. Seek help if you need it. But most of all, enjoy the journey! Enjoy doing something with everyone that will create healthier and better skin!