Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate your mother for all the things she does. But it might not be just your mother you want to thank this mother’s day. It could be the mother of your kids or your mother in law. It could be from your kids to their grandmothers or a loved one. It might be the perfect excuse to treat yourself! Whoever you want to thank this Mother’s Day, we have the ultimate gift guide to help you choose the perfect gift!

From the little ones!

There is nothing more appreciated on Mother’s Day than a day off from jobs around the house and some time with her family. So, we recommend the little ones give her just that. Treat her to a relaxing pamper day- ensuring she makes the most of her day off. Pick up the Green Angel face mask to allow her to deep cleanse her skin. Pair it with the Green Angel seaweed Bath and Shower gel to allow her to take a long soothing bath. Finish her at-home-spa day with the Green Angel Body Lotion.

From the older ones!

Green Angel Home Fragrance range

Now that you’re older you are searching for the present to show her you really appreciate all the things she has done and is still doing for you. Give her something to help relax yet add to her lovely home. Green Angel Home fragrance range is the gift that keep on giving. With the candle burning for 55 hours and the diffuser which lasts for up to three months, she is sure to keep thinking of how thoughtful your gift is long after Mother’s Day. Buy the Green Angel candle and diffuser in the same scent to help the fragrance travel through her home. Choose from White Linen or Lime and Lemongrass.

From the grandchildren

Green Angel Top to Toe Gift Set is sure to give a lasting treat

The grandchildren will always have a special place in their grandmother’s heart. Give her something that will leave her feeling treated, just like how she makes them. The Green Angel pure indulgent top to toe gift set is perfect for anyone wanting to give a lasting treat. The top to toe gift set includes Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother, Green Angel Seaweed Body Cream, Green Angel Foot Cream and Green Angel Seaweed Hand Cream.

Argan Oil known as liquid gold- the perfect gift for a new mother

For the new mother

You can never go wrong with a green Angel argan body oil- a little bit of luxury that won’t break the bank. It is highly moisturising and can help to hydrate, soften, restore elasticity and plump the skin. There is a reason why Argan Oil is called liquid gold!

For the gardener

For the mother’s who loves to care for a garden then we recommend the precious oils gift set. The set includes three unique hand cream inspired by the delicate fragrances of the flowers from which the essential oils are derived from- all to help nutrient her Gardner’s hands. And even if she doesn’t have the green hands, this gift is a safe bet for everyone.

Green Angel Mother’s Day Gift Set

For the one who ‘doesn’t want anything’

Sometimes your mom doesn’t want you to spend anything more than time with her. So, to ensure to get something that will keep her smiling but didn’t cost a bomb- pick up a Green Angel Mother’s Day gift set. This gift set was designed with Mother’s day in mind- Buy our best-selling face cream – Green Angel Seaweed and Collagen face cream and receive a full-sized (30ml) Jasmine Hand Cream from the precious oils collection absolutely free, presented in a luxury small Green Angel gift bag with a Happy Mother’s Day tag. It is a sure loved gift!

When you just don’t know what to get.

Green Angel Day and Night Gift Set is a sure bet for any mother

When in doubt opt for a Green Angel Day and Night gift- our best-selling gift set will be sure to go down a treat. With both of our best-selling face creams combined in a stunning gift box, all with a saving which will keep her and the spender happy!


We’re Celebrating!

Green Angel have so much to celebrate right now! Our co-founder Mary Mitchell has just been awarded with two massive awards. We would like to thank our loyal customers who are consistently supporting Green Angel and putting us forward for these awards. We all cannot believe the support that Green Angel has received since starting out and how much the brand has grown. We can honestly say we have the best customers in the world!!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you

Mary Mitchell, Business Person of the Year.

South Chamber of Dublin- Business Person of the Year, Mary Mitchell

Mary Mitchell, Green Angel’s co-founder, has recently been awarded the South Dublin Chamber, Business Person of the Year. Mary would like to take this opportunity to thank the Chamber for all the support that they gave to Green Angel since the beginning. It was an honour for her to receive such a prestigious award.

Graham Norton Gin Inspiring Awards- Green Champion 2019

Graham Norton Gin Inspiring Awards- Green Champion.

Green Angel’s Mary Mitchell also recently received the award of Graham Norton Gin Inspiring Award, Green Champion of 2019. It was very encouraging to know that our initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment are being recognised and awarded. Green Angel will continue to search for more ways in which our company can reduce our carbon footprint.

Thank you to all of our customers

Skincare Tips for Halloween

Green Angel love to exhibit at shows. We can directly speak with our customers, get feedback about our products and see what more our customers want from us. It also gives us an opportunity to answer some skincare related questions. At our most recent show, we were talking to a group of women. They spoke about Halloween and how they were afraid to put paints and latex on their kids in the fear of damaging their skin. Although we informed them that these products are rigorously tested we did look into how people remove their Halloween products and perhaps this was the cause of their kids’ redness and sensitivity.

Green Angel's Skincare Tips for Halloween
Green Angel’s Skincare Tips for Halloween

We found that people are a lot tougher with their skin when removing these products then if they were to remove regular makeup. When people are rough, their skin develops little tears which can be a cause of this redness and sensitivity that the women were speaking of.

Green Angel wanted to take on this initiative of informing people of taking their time with skin in this period, using moisturising products during removal so the paints don’t dry out their skin and helping to ensure that people are properly educated on how to remove.

We thought we would share our skincare tips to help remove your Halloween makeup.

To start the removal, rub Green Angel cleanser directly to the skin. Begin with circle motions, slowly and gently. Be particularly careful around the eyes and lips. To remove; either use a hotel towel soaked in boiled water (when cooled) or use your preferred tissue, cotton, etc.

Spooky Skincare for Halloween
Spooky Skincare for Halloween

Once all the products are removed, spray your face with some Green Angel toner. Toning your skin restores your skin’s PH level back to neutral. This is essential after cleansing. When skin is dried pop on some daily moisturise face cream to help restore some moisturise back into your skin.

We also recommend a facial scrub to aid your removal of any tougher stains from alcohol face paints or latex. Green Angel have formulated this Seaweed and Apricot Facial Scrub which combines four Hand-harvested organic Irish seaweeds which is packed with vitamins and minerals with Apricot kernel Oil which contains vitamin A and E and natural Soya oil which contains natural antioxidants and is an emollient which helps to soften the skin. Also included are natural Olive Stones which are micronised to the perfect size which gently exfoliate away dull and lifeless skin cells.

How to remove Halloween makeup from your skin safety
How to remove Halloween makeup from your skin safety

Green Angel Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub is an exceptional deep cleansing exfoliate which helps remove dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil.

If you have any further questions or wanted tips in relation to any other skincare query write a comment below!


Green Angel is Going Greener

Here at Green Angel, we are consistently looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We truly believe that our small changes add up and can make a real difference. Here are just some of our latest green initiatives;

Green Angel switched to Organic Ingredients

Switching to Organic Ingredients

Green Angel have switched to use organic ingredients where possible. Choosing organic ingredients is looking after the environment, the animals and YOU! Organic ingredients often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts. According to the Rodale Institution, conventional farming also emits 40% more

Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Green Angel Hand Lotion Bottle Made from PCR plastic

Our newest additions to our plastic bottles are PCR. Our other plastic bottles are made from the easiest recycled plastic available.
The inclusion of natural ingredients in our products is of utmost importance along with the use of natural packaging where ever possible.

Green Angel Beach Clean Up

Beach Clean Up

We decided to take up another initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint. This initiative involved us, Chris and Mary, some of our employees and our Little Helper Simba to go to the beach to help pick up the rubbish. We want to first congratulate Bray town on the overall brilliant keep of their beach. It is clear that bray work hard to maintain such a fantastic beach. One thing that we noticed was the amount of smaller plastics (called micro-plastics) which is actually more dangerous to the wildlife and environment than larger plastics- according to the National Ocean Service smaller plastics can be commonly consumed by birds and aqua life.
You can get involved in your local tidy towns or some of your local clean up groups. ** We used Compostable bags to pick up this rubbish**

Comment below with some of your green tips! We would love to hear some of your great initiatives.

Some of the rubbish Green Angel picked up at Bray beach.

Skincare Guide

We are SO thankful that you come to us for your skincare questions! Either under our posts in the comments, through our direct messages or at our stand in trade shows. We have compiled your most frequently asked questions in one straight forward Q&A to save any more confusion!

“Can I only use a night cream at night and a day cream during the day?” ” What’s the difference between a night cream and a day cream?”

You may use the day cream as a night cream, or the night cream as a day cream. Green Angel night cream has 6 essential oils added so it is richer than our day cream.  It could be heavier on someone’s skin- but this is personal preference. Both can be used at any time.

More importantly, to note is their differences. To answer the question as simply as we can, the difference between a day and night cream is their focus. A day cream has ingredients that help to protect the skin from environmental aggressors, dirt, oils, and pollution. Whereas, the night cream has ingredients that help to focus on repairing skin – because as you sleep you are not subjected to these aggressors so the skin can focus on repairing itself.

“how to achieve ‘dewy’ skin”

To help REALLY achieve ‘dewy’ skin you need to make sure your skin is deeply moisturised. We know, we know! We are beginning to sound like a broken record, but it is essential to get the skincare basics right before you start focusing on how ‘dewy’ your skin looks. CLEANSE, TONE AND MOISTURISE, twice a day! Drink plenty of water! Exfoliate your skin two- three times throughout the week. Remembering these basic skincare rules will help your skin to become suddenly bright, brilliant and dewy.  If you want more information on Skincare Basics to check out our blog Basics 101.

“What age is an eye gel recommend for”

We won’t be telling anyone what age skin aging starts- because every single person’s skin is different. But what we will say is the best anti-aging treatment is prevention- PREVENTION IS EASIER THAN CURE! Although most people will focus on reduction when these pesky little beggars come around- if you are truly considering starting a commitment to an eye gel- then start! “I regret taking such good care of my skin!” – said no one, ever.

“HELP! I need serious help  with the wrinkles around my eyes!”

But what happens if these pesky beggers are hanging around? Well, don’t dwell because you’re like the majority of us! Luckily for you, the Seaweed and Aloe eye gel contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals- most notably; vitamins A, C, E- these are of most interest to you and your concern of fine lines. Vitamin E will help protect your eyes from environmental aggressors- meaning it will help prevent further fine lines. Vitamin C is known to aid collagen production- this really helps to fight the visual signs of aging. And vitamin A stimulates cell turnover- helping to reduce fine lines. Along with plenty of more important ingredients!

“Can I use your skincare products while pregnant?”

Unfortunately, no! During pregnancy try to avoid any and all essential oils where possible.  Green Angel products contain organic essential oils so until you have your baby, please refrain from use. Once your pregnancy is finished, you may use as much as you please!

my skin makes my tan go dry and patchy”

The tan is only highlighting skin issues that are already present. Prepping your skin will help this. First start with a Green Angel Seaweed Sunrise Body Smoother. When you are in the shower get a pea sized amount per limb and rub in circular motions- towards the heart. This will help remove dirt, oils and dead skin sitting on the skin which are the most likely cause of your patchy problem. Wash off in the shower or bath. Once complete use Green Angel Argan Body Oil to finish. We mean it when we say a little bit of this powerful oil goes a long way. This organic essential oil is packed full of vitamin, minerals and nutrients- helping to deeply hydrate your skin. This will help your dryness.

How often should you use a Mask?

Masking is very dependent on your skin. One person may need extra care from a mask than compared to their best friend or even their sister. Take it as a rule of tumb that you should apply a mask once a week or twice a month. Most importantly, listen to your skin. Are your pores enlarged? Do they need some extra attention? Is your skin producing more oils? When your skin is bare examine it. Ask these questions. If you are answering yes to the above questions then apply the mask to aid your concerns.

Green Angel Seaweed Face Mask with Aloe Vera & Avocado helps to unclog pores, discad daily pollutants from your skin, helping to leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Top Tip; remove with a warm (not hot!) face cloth. Close your pores by rinsing your face with cool water.

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns please leave them below in the comment section or leave us a direct message on Instagram, facebook or twitter. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our blog, if you still have some questions please check out some of our other blogs below.


Social & Personal Awards Winner

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Green Angel Sunrise Magic Body Smoother has won Best Body Polish in the Social & Personal Awards 2019.

The Social & Personal awards compile a team of Irish Beauty Experts who spend months trialing and testing beauty products. Then, they chose their ‘best buys’ from each category. We are are so honoured that they have chosen Green Angel for a best buy award.

Green Angel Sunrise Magic is a multi-award winning product which combines four varieties of hand-harvested Organic Irish seaweeds, Irish Atlantic Sea Salt, Organic Argan and Grapeseed oils with pure organic essential oils of Grapefruit and Lemon.

This zesty combination is amazing for a tired and weary body. Wonderful results are noticeable after just one treatment. Green Angel have sourced and added Organic Argan Oil, known as liquid gold, to this amazing product so you can be confident that what is absorbed into the skin is pure and unadulterated. Argan Oil is also enriched with the natural anti-oxidant Vitamin E which helps preserve the skin by creating a barrier on the derma laver which helps block free radicals and other environmental aggressors. It is high in fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 and is therefore an ideal product to give skin a natural boost.

Green Angel Sunrise Smoother is an all in one exfoliating body scrub, moisturiser, manicure and pedicure.   It is a traditional and simple solution for those who like smooth healthy skin and nails.   It will help enhance the elasticity and smoothness of your skin by stimulating blood flow to skin cells. While the natural salts not only exfoliate dead skin cells but all manner of lotions and potions off your skin including false tan.

DIRECTIONS: Stir Body Smoother well before using. Massage over body, gently exfoliating the skin, before showering or bathing.

MANICURE & PEDICURE: Massage a little onto hands and feet, paying particular attention to nails & cuticles, rinse off with warm water.

# SPBestBeauty19

Super Ingredients

As you may know, Green Angel has rebranded. Not only do our products look more chic and luxurious, Green Angel now pride ourselves on using organic ingredients! We continuously search globally, for the amazing organic ingredients that we put into our products which is something that we are so passionate about! We really can talk about our ingredients forever- and keep going after that! Here’s just a taste of some of Green Angel’s super ingredients. If there is any other ingredient that we use that you would love to hear the wonderful benefits of, please comment below and we will answer any of your questions!

But first, why switch to organic ingredients?

Well, simply, organic is better.

Organic farms do not use unnecessary chemicals to grow their produce. The fewer chemicals that you put into your body, the better. According to the Rodale Institude, Conventional farming also emits 40% more greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing organic ingredients is looking after the environment, the animals and YOU! It should be noted that natural ingredients, like seaweed, for example, are dependent on where and how they grow. The vitamins and minerals that they contain can vary because of this. This makes organic farming even more essential. Take pride knowing that you are actively choosing a range that cares where their ingredients come from and what they do to you.

Now that we understand that organic ingredients are super important- let’s start focusing on our super ingredients and their benefits.

Let’s begin with seaweed

Green Angel adore the super ingredient Seaweed- thats why it is present in every. single. one. of our skincare and hair care products.

The practice of Thalassotherapy (seaweed therapy) and the benefits of seaweed have been known for centuries, by eating it, bathing in it or putting it on our skin- it is a known fact that Seaweed can help to give you fantastic results.

But why? Seaweed contains a bundle of vitamins- vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E just to name a few. It also contains a variety of minerals; Iodine, magnesium, copper, calcium, potassium, and zinc.

We use hand-harvested organic seaweed which is sourced off the West Coast of Ireland. Green Angel uses 4 species of seaweed in every product. Each species of seaweed is packed full of different vitamins and minerals assuring Green Angel’s products are bursting with goodness. Seaweed is super absorbent, it soaks up all the nutrients from the water that it is harvested in- making the process and our organic farming crucial to assure excellent quality products. the four species of seaweed are:

Knotted wrack,
Toothed Wrack

Then our other super ingredients are our essential oils.

We really do mean this when we say Green Angel continuously to search globally to find organic, wild harvested essential oils. Different oils are best grown in certain parts of the world. The Green Angel range contains dozens of essential oils- each product having their own blend of essential oils to give them their different qualities. Our super oils include; Lavendar, Mandarin, Neroli, Grapefuit, Lemon, Orange, Juniper and many, many more.

Similar to Seaweed, the ancient practice of aromatherapy is a practice used for centuries! Meaning that the unique benefits of the super oils are no secret.  The practice has been used in a range of different cultures to achieve youthful and silky skin.

Argan oil is just one of these super oils. It is made of 80% fatty acids, vitamins A, E and K and retinol. This powerful oil helps to reverse the physical signs of agng, by helping to reduce fie lines, wrinkles and helps to tone and smooth skin- Perfect for helping reduce cellulite

Another one of Green Angel’s super ingredients is Sea Lavender. Sea Lavender is an everlasting deep blue plant found off the Mediterranean Seaside. It contains countless anti-aging benefit. The decline of Collagen in the skin leads to the visual signs of aging. Research has shown that Sea Lavender is able to boost collagen levels in the skin and protect against collagen degradation. Sea Lavender stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid. Sea Lavender is found in a range of Green Angel’s products adding to the already amazing list of powerful ingredients.

Don’t forget to ask about any other benefits of our ingredients below!


Body Care; your go-to-guide on looking after your body

Time’s up- the first #30DayGreenAngelChallenge is complete. From speaking to our customers, we noticed that people really look after their skin on their face with a strict regime. But, they do not have the knowledge on how to look after their body to the same extend. Nor do they have the time.

Skin is our largest organ. It is our first line of defence against disease and infection. Although we all want our skin to look tight, toned and radiant- it’s really important to have our skin healthy. Green Angel know that it is essential to make sure your skin is healthy so, to make things easier, we have a composed a quick go-to-guide with all the knowledge you will need to understand body care; all in the time of one shower a week.


                Just like your face, your body needs to be clean before you start moisturising. In the bath or shower, clean your body with a shower gel that isn’t going to be harsh or drying on your skin. To put it simply, make sure all your products work in Harmony. A shower gel that dries out your skin makes your cream work even harder, leading to less visible results and it’s pretty anti-productive. Try Green Angel Seaweed Bath & Shower Gel. It is beautifully fragranced with organic Mandarin and Lavender with all the nourishing benefits of seaweed and essential oils.


                Exfoliation really is key if you want to bring life back to dry, dull skin. Exfoliation removes dirt, oils and dead skin cells from the skin. When the skin is rid of a such barriers, the moisturising creams can now do it’s job more efficiently. Try Green Angel Seaweed Sunrise Body Smoother. This smoother combines essential oils, seaweed and sea salts. Try exfoliating in the shower once a week to begin with and build up to 2/3 times. Start at your feet and working your way up to your neck and chest.

TOP TIP; keep a spoon near your body smoother to assure the perfect ratio of salts and oils are used every time. The oils and salts separate natural.


                When you are just out of the shower is the perfect time to moisturise. Pop on Green Angel Argan Body Oil for deep hydration. Use upwards motions on the arms and legs and circular motions for the rest of the body. This will help relax your body combined with the aroma of the essential oils to really brighten your mood. Make sure to focus on the back of the legs to help make the skin appear smoother, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. For an extra luxurious treat, seal your Green Angel Argan Body Oil in with Green Angel Body lotion.

Make sure to take on your new challenge of #30DayGreenAngelChllange and look after your body, from tip to toe. Share with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Skincare can- and should- be easy – when done right. In order to get the most of your skincare products you must assure the skin is clean and hydrated first- then the other products act as a bonus on top. The three essential steps in your skincare regime are; Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.

To break this down even further;

Cleansing cleans the skin. It removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells from the skin. Without cleansing, your creams will not be as effective.They will sit above the dirt and dead skin cells rather than doing their job.  Ideally, you should cleanse twice a day; in the morning and night. This will help avoid clogged pores, acne and dullness. Cleanse your skin from the hair line right down, beyond you neck.

Try Green Angel Seaweed, cucumber and sage cleansing lotion to help cleanse your skin. Not only is the cleanser cleaning your skin but Green Angel core ingredients include Cucumber which is made of 96% of water which means the skin is being pumped full of hydration!

After cleansing, you should balance the skin again. This is the job of a toner. A toner restores the skin’s natural PH level.

Green Angel Seaweed toner helps to restore the skin’s PH level but is also rich in nutrients. The toner now acts as an extra boost of nutrients to your skin; helping to assure all your skincare products are working hard and in harmony to help give your skin the best results. Green Angel toner helps to make the pores look less visible over time.Both, the cleanser and toner, have anti-septic qualities to help remove dirt, makeup, bacteria and oils leaving the skin smooth, soft and helps to minimize wrinkles!

Now that the skin is clean, and its natural PH level is restored, it is time to hydrate your skin. The basic difference between day and night creams, to anyone wondering, is typically your day cream will hydrate your skin and help to protect from environment aggressors. While night cream focus on repairing the skin. As we are focusing on the basic regime we will mention our day cream. The night cream and Green Angel’s two different other face creams, will be discussed in another blog post.

Green Angel Seaweed Daily moisture face cream with Jasmine,Neroli & Vitamin E uses Vitamin E extract to help protect your skin from these environmental aggressors. Additionally, Green Angel Daily Moisture Face Cream contains four species of seaweed and an unique blend of root and flower extract which helps to deeply hydrate the skin.

Once you have these essential steps in your regime, the rest act as ‘building blocks’, each adding their own benefits to an already fantastic base.

 For any further information on any of the products mentioned, please see individual products information, tagged in this post.