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Our whole world has changed, and with that so has the environment our skin is now in on a daily basis. We are all now wearing face coverings where ever we go and this can impact on our skin. By no means should we ditch our coverings but it just means that our skin may need some more help than usual or a change in routine. The stress of the ‘new normal’ takes its toll on our skin, as does the humidity that can be felt from wearing a face covering. Here are Green Angel’s 5 Face Mask Musts

Don’t touch your face

For health reasons as well as skin benefits we should avoid touching our faces. By touching our faces we transfer the oils and dirt from our hands to our skin which can lead to clogged pores and spots. Try to get into the habit of keeping your hands away from your face – whether you’re wearing your mask or not.


Like all parts of our body, when our skin gets too hot we begin to sweat, which when the weather is good can happen behind your mask too. The last thing any of us want is ‘maskne’ – the new term for the small white heads that begin to appear on your face from wearing your mask, especially on your chin and cheeks. What we can try to do to prevent this is to cleanse thoroughly (don’t forget the 60 second rule!) before AND after wearing your mask to prevent build-up of sweat, bacteria and makeup on your skin and in your pores.


Toner helps to prepare your skin for moisturiser after cleansing by opening up the pores. If your skin is irritated this is especially good as your moisturiser or treatment of choice will penetrate skin deeper into the skin after a spritz of toner which will help it work more effectively.

Exfoliating regularly

Cleansing and toning will only do so much to protect your skin. We need to be exfoliating 1-2 times per week to help remove dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum from the skin. Especially when that skin is being covered tightly every day it may need that extra little helping hand.

Washing your mask

Like every other item of clothing we own it needs to be washed every time it is worn. Our masks collect bacteria, makeup, face oils and sweat every time we wear them so that’s the last thing you want to put back on your face again. We should wash our masks every time we use them – unless they are disposable of course. It is recommended to wash face coverings in a 60 degree wash along with detergent or you can also wash by hand by soaking in bleach and room temperature water solution for 5 minutes and then rinsing thoroughly. To dry eithe rput into the tumbledryer or lay flat and let it airdry.

Stay safe everyone – from all at Green Angel

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