Viva Adonis

Review: Green Angel Skincare – “Viva Adonis”

I feel that skincare is something you grow into. At 11, you’re all about body glitter and lipgloss and you don’t even think of your skin as a “thing”. At 13, you hate your spots but, you would rather just trowel too-dark foundation on top of them than listen to advice about how to prevent them. At 16, you’re reluctantly using a basic line of skincare, think Simple, Clearasil, Nivea but, only “when I remember, Mam!!”. By 18 or 20, you realise you are getting older – “Like, OMG, it does actually happen” – and you better start taking care of yourself because, like, botox and fillers are totes expensive and you’d rather avoid that cost down the line.

Now, at 23, I find myself completely obsessed with all things skincare, a total 180 on the (admittedly dramatised) version of events above. I am conscientious about what I put into my body; little-to-no alcohol, lots of water, fruit and veg etc., and also what I put onto my body, finding that my skin responds really well to natural ingredients and essential oils. Green Angel is a range which ticks both of those boxes for me and, over the last number of weeks, I have been trialing a few products which I feel are worth mentioning for the skin-conscious among us.

Green Angel Seaweed Face Mask with Aloe & AvocadoGreen Angel Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub







The brand itself is Irish and we’ve mentioned it before on the blog as part of our Viva Irish series. Combining the properties of seaweed and essential oils, Green Angel produces products which appeal to a health conscious market. They aim to produce good quality, luxurious products at a competitive, pocket-friendly price. I have been road testing the Seaweed Face Mask (€20.00), Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub (€20.00), Seaweed Daily Moisture Facial Cream (€25.00) and Seaweed Night Cream (€25.00) and have had some excellent results.

Now, I could very easily make this review a thousand words long so, I will try and be as succinct as possible about each product. The standouts for me are, equally, the scrub and the mask and, when used as a duo, they leave my skin looking incredibly clear and feeling spectacularly smooth. I would recommend using a flat foundation brush to apply the mask as it is quite messy and dries quickly to a clay-like finish. Also, after trial and error, I have decided I prefer to apply the scrub, rub it in manually and then remove it with a muslin cloth for a really soft finish.


Green Angel Seaweed Daily Moisture Face CreamGreen Angel Seaweed Night Cream with 6 Essential Oils







In terms of the day and night moisturisers, both are excellent creams. They hydrate, absorb quickly and leave no residue on the skin.  Price-wise, I would say that the brand is competitively placed among the mid-market pharmacy brands like La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Olay et al. You are getting some really excellent quality products contained in some heavy duty packaging which will do exactly what they say on the jar and, honestly, there is not much more you can ask for.