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Irish Seaweeds

Irish Seaweeds are packed with vitamins, minerals, iodine, trace elements and iron

Without exception (apart from Green Angel 100% Bladder Wrack Powder) all Green Angel Irish Skincare Preparations contain the following Organic Irish Seaweed Extracts:-
~ Bladder Wrack,
~ Toothed Wrack,
~ Knotted Wrack,
~ Irish Carrageen Moss
They also all contain:-
~ Sea Lavender – This is not seaweed but actually a Sea-Marsh plant which has great properties

Green Angel have spent many years with the help of top scientists and experts diligently researching different Seaweed plants various properties and then how to successfully combine them with different essential oils. Green Angel have come up with amazing combinations which not only combine and intensify the individual properties of these Seaweed and Sea-Marsh plants but also the best way to link their use ‘Thalassotherapy’ with the properties of Essential Oils ‘Aromatherapy’ to create amazing skincare formulations