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Hints & Tips

Keep your skin cells healthy by snacking on Almond’s. These nuts are a good source of vitamin E and omega 3.

Add breathing exercises to your beauty regime
Take regular deep breaths and fill your lungs with pure fresh air. This will get oxygen to circulate to every part of your body and send vital nourishment to your skin.

Benefits of a Seaweed Bath
The benefits of bathing in Seaweed are well known and have been used for many years.  Interestingly the composition of minerals and trace elements found in seaweed is very similar to that of human plasma.   Sprinkle GREEN ANGEL ‘Wild Irish Seaweed Powder’ into your bath water and relax in it for as long as possible, to soothe and gently ease away the tensions of the day.

Dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants.  So treat yourself an odd time.

Drinking water
It is a good idea to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning as it helps to wake you up and helps to keep your skin moisturised. Dehydrated skin looks old and dull. Also keep drinking it through the day as it helps to keep you energised.

Dull skin
If your face is looking a little dull?
As we age cell turnover slows down and our skin starts to look a bit dull. A good facial scrub such as Green Angel Seaweed & Apricot Facial Scrub will  help to get rid of the dead skin cells to reveal your glowing skin underneath.

Green Tea
Drinking green tea is a very natural and soothing beverage which is naturally rich in antioxidants.   It is also a natural fat burner and energy booster.

TIP: For a real treat run hot water over a green tea bag then open the teabag and mix it into a few teaspoonful’s of Green Angel cleansing lotion, then massage into face –leave for 5 minutes and rinse off.

Hot baths
A hot bath or long hot shower removes oils from the skin, so it is a good idea to limit your bath and shower time and use warm water instead of hot. TIP: Pour a drop of Green Angel Argan oil in the bath – it’s divine.
After your bath or shower pat the skin lightly and apply Green Angel Body Lotion while the skin is still damp to moisturise.

Keeping alert
The Green Angel ‘Sunrise’ Body Smoother is amazing for naturally eliminating dead skin cells. The natural oils  help with your skins natural moisture. TIP: leave a spoonful of Sunrise Body Smoother in a dish on your desk and see how alert it keeps you.

Red wine
Relax with a glass of red wine; it is full of antioxidants. (Remember I said a glass)

If you want to keep a fresh appearance and combat tired looking skin make sure you get plenty of Z’sss in each night, as the production of collagen which is a powerful anti-ageing protein is accelerated while you sleep.

Tone up
Use a good Facial Toner such as the Green Angel Seaweed Facial Toner skin to  stimulate skin. TIP: Try freezing some Green Angel seaweed toner in an ice cube tray. Wrap the frozen ice cube in a piece of cotton cloth or muslin and wipe over the face gently. This is a real cooling facial treat.

Wash face with cold water
When you wake up in the morning splash your face with cold water and pat dry. This will stimulate blood circulation in the face, and help to revive your skin.

When applying face cream
Massage your face cream in rather than rubbing it in – the rubbing movement helps get the circulation going.