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Claire Harte Mc Hugh

Review 1- Claire Harte Mc Hugh Mother, Make-Up Artist, Blogger

Claire Harte Mc Hugh

Claire Harte Mc Hugh

As I mentioned on the Facebook page last week I purchased the green angel toner and daily moisturiser after previously using the cleanser. Some of you may of already heard of the brand as it’s been featured on xpose and Ireland fm as well as winning RSVP beauty awards and IMAGE beauty awards. I heard about this brand through Tara Makeups page, who recommended the eye cream. I was on the look for a new cleanser at the time so decided to give it ago. I loved the sound of the natural ingredients and that the products aren’t aimed at particular skin types. I would have quite an oily t-zone where as the rest of my face is quite dry and sensitive with a bit of rosacea (red colouring in my cheeks) so I get it very hard to get products when there mostly aimed at one or the other.

I absolutely loved it!! It was so gentle and the natural smelling seaweed and other ingredients made it smell like products used in a spa facial. After cleansing my skin didn’t feel dry or striped it felt moisturised. I found the cream just cut through my makeup so easily I even use it to remove my eye makeup. Like I said I was using a toner I already had but as I was coming to the end of my cleanser I decided I was going to pick up the toner as well while I was repurchasing it. And luckily the pharmacy had an offer on of the cleanser, toner and moisturiser for just €30!! (Coyles for those of you who live near me :))

Green Angel Seaweed Facial Toner

Green Angel Seaweed Facial
Toner 100ml €14.95

(Essential oils/Active ingredients: Irish seaweed extracts, Cumcumber and Sage)

After using all three for the past week I have to say I’m really impressed. There’s a real kick to the toner, not like a striping feeling more like the pow you get when you use mouth wash (if that makes sense to you) it leaves your skin feeling really refreshed and tingly.


Green Angel Seaweed Cleansing Lotion
200ml € 15.00

With the moisturiser a little bit goes a long way! I apply a tiny dot to my forehead, cheeks and chin and that does my whole face and I use the excess on my hands. It feels so light which makes it perfect for using before you apply makeup as it doesn’t feel like the makeup is just sliding of your face.


Seaweed Daily Moisture Face Cream 50ml €25.00

(Essential oils/Active Ingredients: Vitamin E, Jasmine, Neroli,Lavender, Mandarin, Sweet Almond Oil, Irish Seaweed, Vitamin E)
Why skin care is important:

Cleansing is important to 1. remove all makeup 2. Remove excess oil and dirt that builds up on our faces throughout the day 3. To exfoliate the dead skin cells off to leave brighter skin.

But toning is also very important as it takes away any last traces of cleanser and helps to close the pores so they don’t later clog up. Don’t forget to avoid the delicate skin in the eye area.

As you’ve removed all excess oil etc from
Your skin by cleansing and toning it is important to moisturise your skin to rehydrate it even if you have oily skin. People tend to use ‘drying’ products on oily skin to control it when really that just tells your skin to produce more oil!

A good skin care routine is important to keep your skin in good condition and while it’s in good condition your makeup will look better also.

After using these three now I have the face scrub, eye cream and night cream on my wish list.

Claire Harte Mc Hugh

Claire Harte Mc Hugh

Review 2- Claire Harte Mc Hugh Mother, Make-Up Artist, Blogger

If you read my first review on the green angel products you know that I started off with the cleanser and then added the toner and moisturiser to my routine. You’ll also know that I love them!!! But for a while now there has been two things I’ve wanted to add to my skincare routine. The first being an eye cream and the second a good night cream.

My reasons for wanting to add these are the fact that I’ve just hit 27 (eeek!!) and I’ve read that you should start using eye cream in your early 20’s, prevention is better than cure and all that. The other main reason is the time of year. Coming into Autumn I start to use the central heating again and the heat in the car  which combined with the air-con at work causes my skin  to get really dry and irritated. I’ve also found that since I’ve returned to work and wear make-up every day again that I’ve had a little sore red patch beside my eye  as my eyes are so sensitive.

The lovely people at Green Angel have let me try out both their eye cream and their night cream. I’ve been using them for I’d say a month now. Based on the other products I’ve used I knew they were going to be good but I’m so impressed. After a week of using the eye cream my little patch cleared up and my eyes didn’t feel so tight. Its really light so I’ve been applying it in the morning before my make-up. It instantly cools the eyes and makes you look and feel more awake. Which is a huge plus for as working mam of two 🙂

Green Angel Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel

Green Angel Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel. Size-30ml €19.95

The night cream feels slightly heavier than the day cream, which is so light I use it on my clients before I apply make-up. I’ve been applying the night cream every second night after I’ve cleansed and toned and applied my eye cream. I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin since I’ve started using the Green Angel products. Before hand I wouldn’t of had what you’d call problem skin but it was really dull and unhealthy looking. Whereas now it feels in much better condition.

Green Angel Seaweed Night Cream with 6 Essential Oils

Green Angel Night Cream – Seaweed 6 Essential Oils €24.95

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