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Is your Skin Stressed Out?

Stress. We all experience it from time to time and it can often come from an unexpected place or catch us off guard. It can take a physical toll on our bodies and skin depending on the person as we all react to stress differently. Some of us may develop headaches, faster heartbeat, insomnia, as well as many more including irritated skin or more spots than usual. 

There is a scientific reason why our skin reacts to stress in this way. When our body feels stressed it releases more cortisol than usual which can cause more sebum to be produced by the skin. Extra sebum and oils on the skin can lead to clogged pores and spots. Stress can also trigger bad habits that we already have such as picking at our skin which can also be why our skin will take a turn for the worst during stressful periods in our lives. Stress may also aggravate pre-existing skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, it may cause rashes or hives. This is a response to your body’s production of cortisol.

So what causes stress in our lives? It can be a number of things from the world around us, menstruation, lack of sleep, work, school and the list goes on. As we get busier we may find ourselves slacking on our daily skin routine – makeup wipes are NOT the answer!  Stress already will cause the proteins found in our skin to alter slightly which may mean that we develop fine lines earlier, have puffier skin or dry skin and it also will slow up the natural healing processes that occur in the skin so during these times as much as we may want to slack, now is the most important time to care for our skin.

What we do have to do is remember that stress can and will affect everyone differently and that this is perfectly okay. Stressing about our reaction to stress is not the answer to that big pimple on your chin! 

Here are some tips Green Angel recommend to manage and deal with your stress and your skin:

Strip it back

If you find yourself wishing for more hours in the day, take your skin routine back to basics. Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. This will help you save time and will also ensure that your skin is being taken care of during these stressful times – a makeup wipe is never the answer!

Take a break

It sounds ridiculous but just sit and breathe for 10 minutes. This will help to reset your brain and body and you will be more productive afterwards. Even try a toner spritz to refresh your skin (and makeup) during this time – it will thank you. 

Don’t pick

If your skin reacts to stress with a breakout, I repeat do not pick! I know it’s hard but this will leave you with a scar. Cleanse your face and put on a face mask to dry the bugger out, then moisturise. Try our Green Angel Rescue Seaweed and Tea-tree cream which is a natural anti-inflammatory to help to reduce the swelling on your pimple.

Write a to-do list

This can be as detailed as ‘brush teeth, wash face…’, whatever works for you. If it means that you get your daily tasks and workload completed, who cares right? Don’t forget to put that skincare routine down too, morning and evening!

Talk it out

There is always someone to talk to and who will listen. Maybe this is a friend or a partner or parent. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk.


You Are Beautiful Inside and Out

We’re all be guilty of putting ourselves down or brushing off compliments as if they’re disingenuous. Here are Green Angel we want you to feel beautiful inside and out. Accept those compliments. Treat yourself. Indulge in your skincare and body care. And do so unapologetically. After all, if you don’t do it for yourself, who will?

Our bodies are amazing, intricate and all different – a fact that is often forgotten. We all have stretchmarks, scars, bits we love, bits we hate. In a world in which body-shaming is all too common and when the average ‘plus-size’ model is a size UK12 how do we begin to compare ourselves?! It’s a rare day we don’t see a story on our social media with the tagline targeted at someone’s weight or clothing size. He’s too big, she’s too little – it’s impossible to win in the eyes of social media. But, in our book, if you are happy you are the winner.

Body shaming is something that we grow up with and we become accustomed to without even realising. What does this teach our children – or even ourselves? Our bodies are constantly changing, you won’t be the same weight tomorrow as you were this evening and your mood and attitude may also be different. What we have to learn is to be confident in what we’ve got and to celebrate our bodies and our differences rather than pointing them out or beating ourselves up because we don’t look like every Instagram model out there and possibly never will – photoshop is only in pictures remember! They still have the same marks, lumps and bumps as everyone else even thought we often forget it.

Recently, over lockdown especially everyone’s body changed, we experienced different emotions, stresses and worries that we had never anticipated. Some of us gained weight, some of us lost weight. Both we are okay. In an uncertain world, we can’t beat ourselves for having that sixth biscuit with our evening tea! Everybody is beautiful, everybody fluctuates, everybody is too concerned with themselves to even notice that patchy tan on your ankles or that stretch-mark on your thigh, I promise you!

With September being Self Improvement Month, we should try to better ourselves – more confident, better body image and more general overall positivity are all on the cards. Here are some suggestions to get you on track to the best beautiful self you can be both inside AND out…

  • List aloud 3 things you like about your body/personality every morning
  • Allow yourself to be selfish – buy that thing you’ve wanted for months
  • Wear that skirt you love but won’t wear because you don’t think it will suit you
  • Accept and thank the next compliment you get. Don’t brush it off.
  • Take time for yourself. Take an hour out of your day for you; have a bath, do your makeup, watch some TV, whatever works for you.

And above all, believe that you are beautiful – you’re a Green Angel customer, how could you not be?!

Some Everyday Self-Care

  • Have a long luxurious shower every evening using our Shower Gel scented with calming lavender and neroli
  • Treat your eyes to our Aloe Eye Gel straight from the fridge in the morning
  • Scrub away your worries with our Sunrise Magic Body Smoother once per week
  • Take those extra 5 minutes after your shower to nourish your skin with our Body Cream
Aloe Eye Gel

Whatever it is, take time for yourself every day and remember you deserve it!


5 Face Mask Musts with Green Angel

Our whole world has changed, and with that so has the environment our skin is now in on a daily basis. We are all now wearing face coverings where ever we go and this can impact on our skin. By no means should we ditch our coverings but it just means that our skin may need some more help than usual or a change in routine. The stress of the ‘new normal’ takes its toll on our skin, as does the humidity that can be felt from wearing a face covering. Here are Green Angel’s 5 Face Mask Musts

Don’t touch your face

For health reasons as well as skin benefits we should avoid touching our faces. By touching our faces we transfer the oils and dirt from our hands to our skin which can lead to clogged pores and spots. Try to get into the habit of keeping your hands away from your face – whether you’re wearing your mask or not.


Like all parts of our body, when our skin gets too hot we begin to sweat, which when the weather is good can happen behind your mask too. The last thing any of us want is ‘maskne’ – the new term for the small white heads that begin to appear on your face from wearing your mask, especially on your chin and cheeks. What we can try to do to prevent this is to cleanse thoroughly (don’t forget the 60 second rule!) before AND after wearing your mask to prevent build-up of sweat, bacteria and makeup on your skin and in your pores.


Toner helps to prepare your skin for moisturiser after cleansing by opening up the pores. If your skin is irritated this is especially good as your moisturiser or treatment of choice will penetrate skin deeper into the skin after a spritz of toner which will help it work more effectively.

Exfoliating regularly

Cleansing and toning will only do so much to protect your skin. We need to be exfoliating 1-2 times per week to help remove dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum from the skin. Especially when that skin is being covered tightly every day it may need that extra little helping hand.

Washing your mask

Like every other item of clothing we own it needs to be washed every time it is worn. Our masks collect bacteria, makeup, face oils and sweat every time we wear them so that’s the last thing you want to put back on your face again. We should wash our masks every time we use them – unless they are disposable of course. It is recommended to wash face coverings in a 60 degree wash along with detergent or you can also wash by hand by soaking in bleach and room temperature water solution for 5 minutes and then rinsing thoroughly. To dry eithe rput into the tumbledryer or lay flat and let it airdry.

Stay safe everyone – from all at Green Angel


Congested Skin – How to Help

The quickest way to test if your skin is congested or not is to simply run your hand over your facial skin – does it feel bumpy or smooth? If it feels bumpy to touch then your skin is probably congested. So what does this mean and what is congestion?

Congested skin can show as a number of things: whiteheads, blackheads, acne or clogged pores. There are a number of things that can cause this such as:

  • Touching your face a lot
  • Not changing pillow covers often enough
  • Excess sebum
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Everyday pollution
  • Not cleansing or exfoliating correctly

It’s not just oily skin that can get congested, as we may assume. Dry skin can also begin to produce excess sebum to make up for lack of moisture (dehydrated skin).

There are also external factors that can cause congestion such a dirt build-up due to touching your face with unclean hands or phones or not changing your pillow case often enough.

We often forget about how much environmental pollution can affect our skin, it can make it dry, dull or lead to premature aging. Look for moisturisers with vitamin E which helps to block free radicals, which are found in our environment, from entering the skin. Our Green Angel Daily Moisture Face Cream contains vitamin E to help block free radicals from the body.

There are a number of steps that we can take to try and combat this congestion:

seaweed cleanser
Seaweed Cleansing Lotion
  • 60 second cleansing

We’re all guilty of washing our face for 15 seconds and calling it a day, but studies have shown that to really benefit from your product’s ingredients you should cleanse for 60 seconds before rinsing it off. It has also shown that it helps to improve skin’s natural glow and overall texture.

  • Double cleansing

We should really be double cleansing every evening if we’re wearing makeup or just from our daily lives. The first cleanse serves to remove all the dirt, makeup, sweat and oils our skin has picked up or produced throughout the day and the second is to really get down into our pores and cleanse deeper. For our 60-second rule this would mean 30 seconds each cleanse or the full 2 minutes – but do beware of over-cleansing which can leave skin dry and irritated! Pay attention to your own individual skin’s needs, as we’re not all the same.

  • Exfoliation

An essential step to help get that baby-smooth skin. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin by stimulating new cell turnover. Dead skin cells will lead to congested skin if not removed. We should exfoliate 2 times per week (maximim) to keep on top of our skin routine and to help prevent build up and congestion in our skin.

  • Masking

A deep pore cleanse at least once a week is important. It helps to relieve pores of any dirt that it has collected from makeup, pollution or just touching our face – that sometimes cleansing alone cannot reach. It will help to lift our any congested build-up in the skin and help reveal a smoother complexion.

  • Stop touching your face

It seems a simple step but we’re all guilty of touching our faces more than we should – we even do it unconsciously. But what we forget is what we are putting on our faces when we touch them – bacteria, dirt, oils. Especially now more than ever, due to COVID-19, it is important for our general health and for our skin’s health that we stop touching our faces as much as possible.

  • Lifestyle changes

Everything from our sleep pattern, to our diet impacts on our skin’s health and so we should be mindful of what we put into our bodies and more than likely it will come out in our skin. Try to minimise junk foods and alcohol and instead focus on fruits, vegetables and drinking at least 2 Litres of water every day. Of course don’t forget to treat yourself – but everything in moderation! This will be easier on our systems and skin, as the less toxins we put in the less we have to put out.


#MadeLocal – Design Ireland

Green Angel is delighted to announce we are taking part in Design Ireland’s #MadeLocal campaign. Design Ireland launched the campaign to focus on Irish crafters who make their products locally. Many local retailers are also taking part using the icon design Ireland #madelocal advertisements to help highlight the made local products.

All Green Angel products are made locally in our custom-built facility in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. Our crafts include our Seaweed Soap and Candles.

Seaweed Soap

Green Angel Seaweed Soap with #MADELOCAL advertisement

Green Angel Organic Seaweed Soap is prepared using hand-harvested Irish Seaweed picked from the pristine waters on Ireland’s West Coast and Organic Coconut oils. The small sections of dried seaweed fronds visible in the soap, gently and naturally exfoliate the skin unclogging pores helping problematic skin, helping to leave it soft and smooth.

The four types of nutrient-rich organic seaweed used contain vital trace elements, vitamins and minerals. These along with organic Lavender, Mandarin, precious Neroli essential oil and Omega 3 Rich Plant Oils make it a phenomenally rich soap which is very calming and soothing.


Green Angel Candle with #MADELOCAL A4 strut card

Green Angel have been creating exclusive seaweed and essential oil-based skincare, spa and hair care products in Ireland since 2006 and have used our extensive experience of blending premium oils and fragrances to create a distinctive and luxurious capsule range of candles to fragrance your home.

Green Angel Candles are hand-poured in Ireland in a time-honoured tradition and are made from 100% soy, allowing for a cleaner burn than paraffin wax, while all feature a natural cotton wick. The divine blend of fragrance and wax creates a strong fragrance throw and a lasting scent, with an average burn time of 55 hours.

The Green Angel home fragrance range includes two stunning scents; Lemongrass & Lime, a fresh vibrant juicy fragrance with cool west Indian lime heated by hints of Jamaican ginger and aromatic lemongrass; and White Linen, featuring fresh Powderly linen top notes with a floral heart of rose and Muguet accords over a woody, musky base.


Rapunzel Hair – Green Angel’s Top 10 Hair Tips

The hairdressers are back, so what better time to invest in your hair care routine now that we no longer have 3 -inch roots?! Here are our top 10 tips for the hair of your dreams!

  1. Seaweed strengthens hair

Our Seaweed Shampoo is full of amino acids which help to enrich and fortify damaged hair by strengthening bonds. These proteins help to strengthen hair follicles which makes hair stronger and less prone to breakage through daily styling. Seaweed also has naturally occurring moisturising properties which will help keep hair smooth and soft for great conditioned hair.

2. Overnight conditioning

Our Seaweed Conditioning Serum helps to reverse the damage that chemical processing and styling can cause to our hair, leaving your hair soft and manageable. For very damaged hair why not put your conditioner in, wrap or tie your hair up and sleep with it in overnight – your own Green Angel hair mask!

3. Keep it cool – the water that is!

Who doesn’t love a hot shower after a long day? But our hair may be paying the price as very hot water can cause damage to the scalp and can also make hair more porous and brittle over time. The best precaution here is to keep water more on the warm side rather than hot-hot. This in conjunction with our conditioning serum will help ensure hair remains as damage free as possible.

4. Argan oil for dry or curly hair

Curly hair can naturally be drier than other hair types. So too can hair that is styled on the daily or has been bleached or dyed a lot. Argan oil is a great way to help add some shine back to your hair and to nourish the ends of it. It also helps hydrate and moisturise the ends of your hair.

5. Don’t over-wash your locks

Over-washing hair can strip it of its natural oils that keep both hair and scalp moisturised which can lead to dry or irritated scalp and hair. Try to only wash your hair every second day and your hair will reap the rewards.

6. Don’t fear the scissors

As much as we all hate to see our hair go, it’ll keep it healthier in the long run and stop those pesky split-ends from running any further up your lengths. A centimetre or two every couple of months will freshen up your trim and keep hair healthier. Use our Argan Oil between salon visits to help keep hair supple and moisturised to help reduce breakage too.

7. Avoid that super tight up-do

Your slick ponytail may look great but it’s damaging your hair. You may begin to notice breakage or ‘’baby-hairs’’ appearing where hair has snapped due to the pull on it from your slick up-do. Try loosening your ponytail and going for a down-style every so often to give your hair a rest from being pulled.

8. Don’t brush wet hair

When hair is wet it’s at its most vulnerable damage-wise, so it’s best to wait until it has air dried, at least partially, to brush it out, starting from the bottom up to detangle. There are also a number of hairbrushes on the market specifically designed to brush wet hair.

9. Towel-dry first

One of the worst things we can do to our hair is to begin trying to style it from wet. Towel dry your hair first by gently squeezing the water out of it and then roughly dry it so that it’s still a little bit damp. THEN, go it with your styling tools and roundbrush to give that perfect blow-out. This means you’ll be putting less stress on wet and tangled hair and maintain the condition you’ve tried so hard to keep.

10. Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are something we should all invest in. The smooth fabric means there is less friction caused on hair it as we sleep which helps to reduce tangles and frizzy hair. It will also help prolong your curls or blow dry because of the reduced friction. Why not try Mary O’Donnell Silk Pillowcases , exclusively available at Kilkenny Shop.


Hydration: Dry Vs. Dehydrated Skin

Our skin can quite literally be as changeable as the weather. Sometimes we forget how much of an impact our environment and surroundings have on our skin’s hydration and a lot of times this can lead to dryness or dehydration. Although commonly used interchangeably there is a big difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Here we are going to walk you through the difference and the products that you could use to help manage your skin and to keep it in the best condition possible in the ever-changing weather we all seem to be experiencing at the moment.

Dry skin Hydration

Dry skin is a skin type. It essentially means you’re lacking oils or your skin isn’t producing enough of them, so it needs a little extra help. Many of our products are formulated with essential oils which contain moisturising properties to help to give the skin that extra boost of moisture.

The signs of dry skin:

  • flaking skin
  • redness
  •  irritation
  • skin can appear scaly

Our moisturisers and their properties:

collagen cream information
Seaweed & Collagen Face Cream
daily moisture cream information
Seaweed Daily Moisture Face Cream with Jasmine, Neroli & Vitamin E
night cream information
Seaweed Night Cream

Essential oils help to hydrate and moisturise the skin deeply. Our creams also contain Vitamin E which helps create a barrier against the environmental effects on our skin. Sea lavender aids plumping and firming in the skin and boosts hyaluronic acid production which is essential for hydration.

Dehydrated Skin Hydration

Dehydrated skin is a skin condition. This means that your skin is lacking water and we can help to rectify this. Many things such as weather, diet and incorrect product use can all cause dehydrated skin, much like our other organs. As our skin is drier than usual it begins to produce more sebum (or oils) which we can often be confused for oily skin. However, it is just our skin trying to make up for the missing water. There are a number of other signs of dehydrated skin also

Signs of dehydrated skin:

  • dullness
  • fine lines
  • itchiness
  • dark under eyes

What we recommend:

uses and purpose of cleanser
Seaweed Cleansing Lotion With Cucumber & Sage Extracts
uses and purpose of toner
Seaweed Facial Toner
uses and purpose of rescue cream

Seaweed & Tea Tree Rescue Cream

6 Top tips for plumper skin

  1. Avoid very hot water during baths and showers (this can dry out skin)
  2. Moisturise right after cleansing to reap the best rewards from your product
  3. Even oilier skin needs moisturiser
  4. Skin types fluctuate – weather, hormones – you may need to change your routine every so often
  5. Follow the 3 step Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise routine to help keep skin nourished
  6. Drink plenty of water (Recommended 2L per day)


Your Green Angel Father’s Day Gift Guide

Here at Green Angel we recognise all the different roles that men can have, and the different needs that go along with this. So this Father’s Day we have created our gift guide with these different roles in mind.

For the handyman in your life

With hard work, come hard hands. Why not give the gift of soft hands this Father’s Day with our Green Angel Body Smoother. This sea salt and essential oil mix will help to leave hands feeling refreshed, smooth and exfoliated. With added lavender it will promote relaxation for a well-earned night’s sleep. Or why not double the treat with our peppermint and tea tree foot cream which has anti-fungal and anti-septic properties, perfect after a day in work boots.

Sunset Heaven Seaweed Body Smoother With Organic Argan, Lavender, Marjoram and Juniper Oils
Seaweed & Peppermint Foot Cream

For our stay-at-home dads

Keeping up with household chores or looking after the kids is a 24/7 role, and one which can often times lead us to neglecting our own personal care.  Easily help him to incorporate a little luxury into his daily routine with our lavender and mandarin shower gel which has therapeutic properties.

Or maybe for a treat throughout the day, our hand lotion can easily be placed beside the sink to help nourish hands after long periods in water and life in general.

Seaweed Bath & Shower Gel with Lavender & Mandarin
Seaweed Hand Lotion

For the man on the go

Whether travelling for work or pleasure, it’s more important than ever to keep our hands clean. Why not gift a hand sanitiser to help them clean on the go. As this is an alcohol product, it takes it’s toll on our skin with constant use. Team this with one of our Precious Oil hand creams. These little 30ml tubes are perfect for throwing in the car for on-the-go moisture and come in 3 fantastic scents: jasmine, neroli, ylang-ylang.

Neroli Precious Oils Hand Cream
Hand Sanitiser – 250 ml

For the man who never has time

Busy, busy, busy! How many times have you ask him to hang that picture but ‘’it’s not a 5 minute job’’? Well there’s no excuse not to moisturise any more with the gift of our hero seaweed and tea tree rescue cream. Gentle enough for all skin types but powerful enough to help with any skin ailments the man in your life may be suffering with. An all-in-one cream that he can apply in seconds – no more excuses, Dad!

Seaweed & Tea Tree Rescue Cream with Vitamin E

For every man, every day

If the man in your life is a mix of all of the above, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our brand new Gentleman’s Treat bundle deal includes a shower gel, bar of seaweed soap and our rescue cream. The perfect all-rounder gift if you’re stumped. This bundle will surely impress for Father’s Day, we might even have a new skincare convert on our hands, ladies mind your products!

Gentleman’s Treat Bundle

Top tips to combat hand dryness after washing

As Covid-19 continually spreads globally, health care officials have emphasised washing one’s hands as often as you can. From continually washing your hands your skin can become dry, irritated and sore. Here are some of our tips on attempting to combat dry skin on your hands.

#1 Wash with a nutrient-enriched hand wash and soap.

Green Angel Hand Wash

We recommend to try combat dryness in the first place to wash with a moisturising hand wash. Green Angel seaweed hand wash and hand soap contain a bundle of vitamins and minerals from ingredients like seaweed, neroli and mandarin.

The four types of nutrient-rich organic seaweeds used contain vital trace elements, vitamins and minerals. These along with organic Lavender, Mandarin, precious Neroli essential oil and Omega 3 Plant Oils make it a phenomenally rich soap which is very calming and soothing. All combined these indulgent ingredients help to hydrate, rejuvenate and restore damaged skin cells.

Green Angel Soap

Furthermore, the presence of seaweed in our bar of soap help to naturally and gently exfoliate the skin, helping to give a deep clean.

#2 After washing, apply hand cream.

After washing your hands for more than 20 seconds with warm water and soap, pat dry with a clean towel. With a small amount of moisture left from the water, apply your hand cream of choice. This allows extra moisturise to stay in the skin. Repeat this step as often as required.

There are a few products we would recommend for this step, each ranges from how dry your skin is.

Green Ange Hand Lotion

If your skin just needs some attention in the initial phrase of combatting your dryness, use Green Angel seaweed Hand Lotion. This hand lotion not only matches the fragrances of the hand wash so your hands smell divine but contains multivitamins and minerals from the sea combined with added organic Lavender, Mandarin and Neroli essential oils and the added protection of vitamin E . Vitamin E is particularly important as it helps to create a barrier on your skin from further damage.

If you feel like your skin is past just combatting dryness and want to try treat your skin, use Green Angel hand cream. This luxurious skin healing hand cream absorbs all the vitamins and minerals beautifully into the skin to help hydrate and nourish the hands. It is especially good for dry or chapped hands helping to leave them nourished, healthy and soft.

Green Angel Hand Cream

If you are on the go and want something ready in your handbag, we would recommend the convenient 30 ml tubes of our Precious Oils Collection. Available in three stunning essential oils with all the amazing benefits of seaweed this hand cream is the perfect handbag hero for someone on the go!

If your hands are seriously dry or you are worried about sanitation we would recommend Green Angel seaweed and tea tree rescue cream. The rescue cream is a spot treatment for anywhere on the body and contains organic Tea tree essential oil which is renowned as a natural antiseptic.

Green Angel Seaweed and Tea Tree

We want to say to all of our customers to stay safe during this chaotic time.