Green Angel Foot Repair Treatment Review

It’s that time of year when your cosy boots are put away for another year and we brave the elements in flipflops and sandals. Toes, heels and soles get exposed and we suddenly have to get our poor neglected feet in top condition!

IInstead of spending a small fortune on a pedicure I advise you check out the Green Angel Foot Repair Treatment. The kit comes with three items to make your feet super soft and summer ready. You can use the kit lots of times so it’s very budget friendly. I have been using it and am really impressed. The products are natural and full of beautiful essential oils and Irish seaweed.

First fill a large container with warm water. Soak your feet and use the Seaweed soap (smells beautiful) to cleanse your feet. Next up take a small amount of the Foot Smoother and gently massage into your damp feet. Again this smells lovely and feels amazing!

Dry off your feet with a soft towel and then rub in some of the rich foot cream.
Put on some cotton socks and leave overnight.

Wake up with perfect feet!